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ace defender tier list

Last Updated on 31 October, 2023

Ace Defender Tier List – Hello, are you looking for Ace Defender tier list? guess what? You are at the right place. Here are our Ace Defender rankings for 2022 and what we think are the best Ace Defender heroes in the current meta.

Ace Defender Tier List Explained

S+ Tier – These are the OP (Powerful) and Ace Defender best heroes in the game. If you get your hands on any of these, make sure to add them to your team immediately and level up as soon as possible. These are good in any game mode, and will take you a long time even in the end game (Demon Tower and Ultimate Arena).

S Tier – These are also very good Ace Defender heroes, not top tier heroes, but they can be amazing in almost all stages and game types (including PVP). Add them to your Ace Defender team today.

A Tier – These Ace Defender heroes can still be used on your team, and they lack some firepower, but they’re still good enough to justify leveling up and using the game. They’re also easier to come by, and they’re great substitutes for players who don’t have S or S+ heroes.

B Tier – This tier is reserved for the more underwhelming Ace Defender heroes. Since they haven’t really performed well in any season, they rank a little below average as good heroes. Still, they can be used in certain game modes, especially if you’re just starting out and there’s no other better way to form and play with your Ace Defender team.

C Tier – Well, these C-tier ace defenders are at the bottom of our ace defender tier list simply because they’re terrible in most fights. Sure, some of these might be useful here or there, but they’re pretty limited.

Ace Defender Top Heroes Ranked

Here is our Ace Defender Rankin in the current meta.

Ace Defender Tier List –  S+ Tier Heroes

  • Nordil
  • Titansum
  • Isoria
  • Margeria

Ace Defender Tier List –  S Tier Heroes

  • Alipida
  • Angelia
  • Fengling
  • Neptyr
  • Regel
  • Serenir
  • Zhanyan
  • Karmel
  • Lavigne
  • Alia
  • Sabnack
  • Sitri

Ace Defender Tier List –  A Tier Heroes

  • Enid
  • Garrod
  • Nora
  • Panka
  • Theo
  • Valkyrie
  • Zoltan
  • Bathorian
  • Dunkas
  • Valdis
  • Malfa
  • Baldur

Ace Defender Tier List –  B Tier Heroes

  • Selia
  • Hovede
  • Rex
  • Mr. Chainsaw
  • Solzana
  • Andrew
  • Arthur
  • Gilg
  • Irasad
  • Kahnye
  • Kus
  • Northlid
  • Oritok
  • Reshis
  • Lilith
  • Thaurissan

Ace Defender Tier List –  C Tier Heroes

  • Allen
  • Kroot
  • Lipez
  • Logan
  • Tia

Ace Defender Top Tips

Focus on Dailies

Like most online RPGs, Ace Defender: Dragon War has tons of quests and daily quests to complete. So if you want to get the most out of the game, you should open the game and play for at least a few minutes a day, and complete your daily quests to get those vital resources that you must always level up and turn on your Ace Defender game, hero.

Join an Alliance

As with any online RPG game, you’ll want to make sure you join the Ace Defender alliance as soon as possible. When you join an alliance, not only do you unlock some cool features and perks, you also get to meet and befriend more players, and you can add them to your friends list for some nice friendship points , and they can also give you some game help throughout the game while you continue to progress.

Remember to always join Alliance Bosses and destroy them as much as possible to get those much needed Alliance Contribution Points (which you can use to buy awesome items in the Alliance Store).

Use The Hero Wishlist

In Ace Defender, the Hero Wishlist feature allows you to select a group of heroes to summon via the gacha system. You can activate the wishlist when going to the tavern.

Save Breakthrough Stones

When you reach the later stages of the game, you’ll need plenty of Breakthrough Stones to upgrade your best Ace Defender heroes. Of course, all you need to start leveling up your character is gold and XP.

Use the Shared Crystal

In Ace Defender there is a feature called Shared Crystals that allows you to instantly upgrade your hero to the max level of the 5th highest Ace Defender hero you own.

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