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Adopt Me Gifts

Last Updated on 8 September, 2022

Welcome to the Adopt Me Gifts Guide, where we will explain you how to get every prize or gift in the game, their chances and their rarities

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Adopt Me Gifts Guide – About Gifts

Gifts are a loot box type item run by Santa Claus, depending on their rarities they have different chances. So find them and get the following prizes:

Adopt Me Gifts Guide – Prizes

These are the prizes you can get acording to their rarities

Common Rarity Prizes

These are all the common rarity prizes available

  • Ice Cream Rattle
  • Stick Throw Toy
  • Soccer Ball Throw
  • Lead Zeppelin Balloon
  • Snowman Plush
  • Horse Plush
  • Reinder Plush
  • Polar Bear plush
  • Llama Plush
  • Croc Plush
  • Cat Plush
  • Puppy Plush
  • Squid Plush
  • Elephant Plush
  • Banana Plush
  • Caticorn Rattle
  • Flower Rattle
  • Marsh Plush

Uncommon Rarity Prizes

These are all the uncommon rarity prizes available

  • Snowflake Potion
  • Teleportation Potion
  • Rainbow Wand
  • Starpower Wand
  • Wooden Pogo
  • Inflatable Sword
  • Anna Rattle
  • Elf Rattle
  • Creator Rattle – Bethink
  • Creator Rattle – NewFissy
  • Fancy Balloon
  • Banana Pogo
  • Ice Cream Plush
  • Octopus Plush
  • Dragon Balloon
  • Panda Frisbee
  • Boomerang Throw Toy
  • Protein Bottle Rattle
  • Newspaper Chew Toy
  • Mouse Chew Toy
  • Rubber Dog Balloon
  • Mouse Leash

Rare Rarity Prizes

These are all the rare rarity prizes available

  • Airplane Stroller
  • Jackhammer
  • Fancy Umbrella
  • Quad Stroller
  • Cradle Stroller
  • Balloon
  • Christmas Cat Rattle
  • Noob Ballon
  • Ice Cream Stroller
  • Pizza Stroller
  • Trike Stroller
  • Banana Stroller
  • Duck Balloon
  • Marsh Balloon
  • Rocket Pogo
  • Telescope Pogo
  • Crown Frisbee
  • Kangaroo Pogo
  • Dog House Stroller
  • Hatched Egg Stroller
  • Dog Leash
  • Rope CHew Toy
  • Pizza Unicycle
  • Crate Stroller
  • Rubber Chicken Rattle

Ultra Rare Rarity Prizes

These are all the ultra rare rarity prizes available

  • Unicorn Plush
  • Unicorn Stroller
  • Race Car Stroller
  • Phoenix Plush
  • Baby Basket Stroller
  • Duck Stroller
  • Cannon Stroller
  • French Fries Stroller
  • Money Rattle
  • Popsicle Stroller
  • Donut Unicycle
  • Griffin Propeller
  • Kangaroo Stroller
  • Triple Stroller
  • Plunger Grappling Hook
  • Airplane Propeller

Legendary Rarity Prizes

These are all the legendary rarity prizes available

  • Rocket Sled
  • Bathtub Car
  • Cloud Car
  • Bunny Carriage
  • Dog Mobile
  • Banana Car
  • Traveling House
  • Horse Cycle
  • Unicorn Cycle
  • Monocycle
  • Donut Cycle
  • Hoverboard
  • Choo Choo Train

Adopt Me Gifts Guide – Gift Chances

Depending on the loot box type thesed are the chances:

  • Small Gift: 60% common, 30% uncommon, 7,5% rare, 2% ultra rare and also 0,5% legendary
  • Big Gift: 20% common, 50% uncommon, 20% rare, 8,5% ultra rare and also 1,5% legendary
  • Massive Gift: 0% common, 10% uncommon, 55% rare, 31% ultra rare and also 4% legendary

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  1. I found a hack in the game, it worked for like, 11 out of 12 people. it only works with massive gifts too tho. its when you buy a massive gift, or take it out of you backpack if you have one, and you say: legendary try it out it should get you whatever legendary thing is from the gifts that day!

  2. yo, updater person, you should prob say that you can only get 3 legendary things from the gifts now, this has been like here for 5 months now and actully even more than that, u also forgot the hoverboard

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