Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Max Hearts

Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations

Last Updated on 13 July, 2021

Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Max Hearts – The best and most profitable combinations, to get the highest number of hearts from your partner

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Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Max Hearts

Perhaps the easiest thing is to stick to Japanese bento box with sushi, sashimi, and wagashi, but there are other combinations that also give good results: 

  • Galaxy bento box + chicken hamburger + shrimp tacos + strawberry pudding, got 689 hearts
  • White bento box + Wellington Beef + roasted vegetables + strawberry cream cake, got 547 hearts
  • Pink bento box + sushi rolls + sour and spicy shrimp + strawberry pie, got 780 hearts
  • Cat-like bento box + lemon steamed fish + fresh vegetables + lemon pie, got 746 hearts
  • Japanese bento box + sushi rolls + fruit salad + raspberry pudding, got 564 hearts

The final result seems to vary between 550 and 900 hearts, but any of the combinations will give you good results

But as we have told you Japanese bento box with sushi, sashimi, and wagashi is the easiest choice because sushi is the best main course, sashimi is the best side dish, and Wagashi is the best desert. So even though the Japanese bento box is the third box, it works very well

Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – How it works?

Tap the bento box to select a Main Course, Side Dish, Dessert and Box. Your partner will give you love depending on how much they enjoy it. Great combos bring more love. (Bento is what the player prepares before their partner leaves for work)

You have to try to get as many hearts as possible, at the lowest possible cost, to win the difference, and you can combine a Main Course, a Side Dish, a Dessert, and a Box

We encourage you to try creating your own combinations, and we would be very grateful if you shared them with us in the comments.

Video Tutorial

If you still have any doubt check this 3 min video tutorial, by Peach (youtuber)

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