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age of apes guide

Last Updated on 7 December, 2022

Age Of Apes Guide – Advance at full speed in Age Of Apes with this guide of tips and tricks that we have prepared. Don’t miss it!

As in new strategy mobile game Age of Apes from Tap4Fun, you can build a base for your apes, conquer territory, try to land on the moon, and more!

Age of Apes is available on Google Play and soon the App Store.

To advance in the game, you must acquire resources to create a solid base and train troops.

You can cooperate with other ape cities in the multiplayer game or engage in conflict with those whose resources you want to seize.

This book includes crucial advice and strategies you must understand if you wish to advance quickly in the game.

Age Of Apes Guide – Tips & Tricks

Age of Apes Guide –  Fundamentals

Age of the Apes’ story line revolves around your civilization’s quest to land on the banana in the sky.
They will need to construct a rocket with sufficient thrust to travel there from here.

You will do a variety of things while traveling, including gathering supplies, raising troops, exploring new territory, battling other ape towns, and more.

You get to select one of six ape heroes at the beginning of the game, and that choice will determine whose horde your base belongs to.

Each horde has special skills and benefits of its own.

Here is a list of every ape hero available when the game first starts.

  • Lord Antoine’s Prestigious Royals: +3% troop health, +5% troop load, Restore Rogue Gunners: 3%
  • Rogue Gunners (Jessie Fame) -3 Hitter Defense, +3 Building Speed, and -3 Food Gathering Speed
  • Junior Deadly Shooters: +5% Shooter Attack, +5,000 Hospital Capacity, -3% Energy Restore
  • The Ace Mechanics (Miss Helixis) – 3% Healing Speed, +5% Research Speed, and +5% Pilot Defense
  • Bomb Disciples (Sir Gregg): -2% Iron Gathering Speed, +5% Training Speed, +6% Wall Breaker Attack
  • Razorteeth Hunters (One-eyed Eric) – 5% Action Point Restore, -3% Marching Speed, + 10% PVE Damage

Any hero that best fits your playing style can be selected.

However, if you’re unsure about who to choose, we suggest One-eyed Eric, Junior, or Sir Gregg.

But depending on your playstyle, any horde could be a great choice.

You will be brought to your base after selecting your ape hero, where you can train troops, collect resources, construct new structures, and more.

Building a solid foundation, gathering a ton of resources, and preparing a powerful army are your current goals so that you can advance on and defeat adversaries.

You will learn how to perform each of these fundamental tasks as well as how to locate missions in the tutorial.

To keep up with the more challenging and strong players, you should always experiment with different setups and fighters.

Age of Apes Guide – Join an alliance

You should join an alliance as soon as you begin playing Age of Apes.

An alliance is a group of allies in a game who cooperate to advance more quickly.

Press the “Alliance” button in the bottom right corner and “Join” to join an alliance.

Now a list of allies will show up. We advise you to join an alliance that has a respectable number of members.

Joining an alliance has advantages such as quicker research, increased resources, and support from other alliance members.

Members of your alliance can support you by sending reinforcements if you’re facing a challenging attack.

These are but a few advantages of joining an alliance.

Finally, the sense of community that an alliance fosters is another reason why many players love being in one.

Collect and train fighters

Powerful characters known as fighters lead your army of troops throughout battle.

All fighters have special stats and skills that make them appropriate for certain configurations.

You should consider both a fighter’s active skills and their passive talent skills when deciding whether they are a good choice for you.

Because fighters are such strong characters and have such a big impact on battles, you should constantly try to improve their talent and skill sets.

By going to the arena building in your base, you can get new combatants.

Here, you can participate in both free and paid arena battles.

The premium can also give fighters of a higher rarity and has a larger possibility of giving fighters.

You need tickets to do rounds in the arena, which you can get from tasks like missions and shopping.

Additionally, you receive one free premium round every few days in addition to the daily free basic arena rounds.

Press the “Fighter” button on the bottom menu to access the fighter tap, where you can view and upgrade all of your fighters.

Use building speed ups

You should use all of your action points and building speed ups if you want to go through the game fast.

You can shorten the time it takes to upgrade a structure by using building speedups.

Your rate of advancement will be considerably increased by reducing the time it takes to complete an upgrade.

However, because certain structures are more significant than others, you shouldn’t just use your building speed ups on any buildings.

Buildings that produce troops and the research lab are the finest places to invest speedups.

You cannot conduct research or train troops while these two types of structures are being upgraded.

So it’s a good idea to finish them as soon as you can.

You could have invested building speedups in your city hall earlier in the game because you must level up this structure before you can enhance the others.

Put your action points to use

You need action points in Age of the Apes to carry out actions like marching and attacking mutants.

Action points are important since they provide you the ability to carry out tasks that produce resources and engage in combat.

Spend all of your action points each day to maximize your progress rate.

Making sure to complete as many jobs and battles as you can will greatly speed up your progress.

Whenever you have unused action points left over after reaching the action points cap, they will be simply wasted.

Complete campaign and daily quests

Completing daily and campaign quests is an excellent method to get resources and practical things.

Campaign quests direct you through the game’s material and make sure you construct the appropriate buildings, which aids in your advancement.

Daily quests are like campaign missions in that they ask you to do tasks, but they change every day.

A few points are added to your daily quest rewards after you finish a daily mission.

You open chests that hold practical stuff whenever you reach a particular number of daily mission points.

To open all of these chests, make sure you finish enough daily missions each day.

By clicking the quest menu button on the left side of the screen, you can access the daily and campaign quests.




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