Agent A Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Agent A Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Last Updated on 27 September, 2022

Welcome to Agent A Chapter 4 Walkthrough, A Narrow Escape, a step by step guide to get the usb and send the message to agent B

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Agent A Chapter 4 Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Get the cabinet key from the shoes box (zoom on the boxes and empty the big one)
  • Get the blueprint piece from the right box
  • Use the key on the cabinet and take the screwdriver
  • Place the blueprint piece in the blueprint, but there are more pieces to collect
  • Open the vent with the screwdriver and crawl
  • Go right, break through the vent and go on
  • Take the cheesy baguette
  • Open the left planter (left of the door), press the button and pull the lever down
  • Take the blueprint piece
  • Give the cheesy baguette to the mouse and get the key
  • Break down the wall (above) open the toolkit with the key and take the hacking software cd
  • Add the blueprint piece to the piece and note the numbers
  • Go throgh the vent to the other room, zoom on the yellow screen and insert the hacking software cd. Enter the code obtained before (blueprint), press enter and unlock the door (but take back the cd)
  • Press the green button (left of the door)
  • Tap the bricks in this order to reveal a hidden door: 1st – top right, 2nd – middle right, 3rd – top left, 4th – middle left, 5th – lower right. Then go through the door.

Agent A Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Communication Tower

  • Right path, take the blueprint piece (tree), and notice clearance level 4 (yellow screen)
  • Go to the communication tower (straight ahead), take the blueprint piece from the top of the red box and place the 2 pieces in the blueprint to get the clearance level 2 code (note it)
  • Near the fence (communication tower) there is the yellow screen for clearance level 2. Use the hacking software cd and the last code, take back the cd
  • Go inside and open the door to the right of the elevator, take the wrench and the TV remote control. Then press the red button (jetpack) and take the bucket (cabinet). Now open the glass cabinet (back of the room), but don’t worry about the key for now
  • Go to the elevator, press -1, open the cat door and take the blueprint piece
  • Elevator, press 0, go back, open the door and get into the glass elevator
  • Scare the cat, take the blueprint piece and go upstairs
  • Another blueprint piece (floor) and go through the left door, get other blueprint piece & the clubs key (shelf) and flick the switch (level 3 screen)
  • Get out of the room and now go through the middle path, zoom on the cat and take the blueprint piece. Also examine her collar (onyx) and get out of the room
  • Now take the right path, turn on the shower and fill the bucket

Level 3

  • Place the blueprint pieces in the bluerprint to get another code (level 3)
  • Go back to where you saw the level 3 screen, use the hacking cd and the new code, then take the cd back
  • Back to the elevator, to level -1, open the door with the black 3 inside a green circle, take the blueprint piece (floor) and go back
  • Go through the vents like the first time, but now take the left fork, press the green button, cross the bridge and turn the handle until something happens
  • Remember where the level 4 screen was? Go outside, to the screen, and near there is a vent, now you can take the blueprint
  • Go to the communications tower, press the red button (jetpack), open the red box with the wrench and pour the water (bucket) inside
  • Open the gate, climb the ladder, open the red box and take the gas hose and also the swipe card. While you are climbing connect the 2 cables (left), and if you keep climbing you will find a broken dish
  • Go back to the wooden box (level 2 screen) and open the other door with the swipe card
  • Place the last pieces of the blueprint you have found in the blueprint to get the level 4 code. Go to the level 4 screen and do as always.

Agent A Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Ruby’s hideout

  • Go to the elevator, floor -1, green 4’s door, unlock the door and get in Ruby’s hideout
  • Open the small rock, press the button and go to the desk (upstairs). Press the 3 blue buttons, then tap on forgot password, and the answer is onyx, read the top mail
  • Downstairs, cross the wooden bridge, pull one poker near the fireplace, open the box and take the lighter and the diamonds key
  • Go to the elevator, floor 0, go to the room where the jetpack was, unlock the “4” door and find the level 5 screen. Now go to the back of the room (where you opened the glass cabinet) and place the gas hose in the Bunsen burner, light it and take the key
  • Go to the glass elevator, pull the lever up, use the remote control on TV and note the number, then pull the lever down
  • Elevator, floor -1, Ruby’s hideout, open the drawer of the desk with the lab key, note Ruby’s account number (invoice), and take the tape
  • Glass elevator > upstairs > office: zoom on the phone, tap the speaker, díal the number you noted (TV), press 3, and enter the account number (invoice)
  • Go outside and take the portable hard drive
  • Ruby’s hideout > desk > insert the usb stick and tap on download, then take the usb back
  • Go to the communications tower (outside), climb the ladder, fix the dish (satellite) with the tape, go down, to the wooden box, insert the usb and send the message

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If you want you can also use the Chapter 4’s videoguide walkthrough, by the youtuber RkDian

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