Amorous Lex Dating Path & Walkthrough

Amorous Lex Dating Path & Walkthrough

Amorous Lex Dating Path & Walkthrough – Best choices to complete the path & walkthrough and unlock the ending, also info about the character

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Amorous Lex Dating Path & Walkthrough – Parts & End

Act 1:

Best choices for Lex Walkthrough – Act 1

  • Ask if there’s any way I can help
  • Not exactly my first choice either, if I’m honest
  • Lex.. Is that short for Alexia?
  • It matters a little. i don’t know what gender you are.
  • No, it’s bad for you.
  • You’re commenting on the outfit, so i guess it worked?
  • Ask more about what Lex does for fun x2
  • The racing games are fun, more realistic behind a wheel
  • They’re okay too I guess.
  • Ask more about Lex in general x2
  • I think the external ones look cooler, ear scaffoldings?
  • I don’t have any, no. Thinking about it though!
  • Ask more about Lex’s gender
  • Ask more about Lex’s likes/dislikes
  • I’m not really into phone games either, no.
  • Ask Lex if you can go somewhere together.
  • Did you have anywhere fun in mind?

Act 2

Best choices for Lex Walkthrough – Act 2

  • I was wondering if you were free to hang out?
  • That sounds fun! Sure.
  • Wear something a little more punk appropriate
  • I figured you’d prefer it.
  • What do you recommend?
  • Something light
  • beer
  • Commando!
  • Ask an easy question!
  • Whats your favorite movie of all time?
  • Ask a hard question!
  • What’s your most fun memory?
  • Ask an easy question!
  • What’s your favorite animal? Feral, I mean.
  • Ask an easy question!
  • Do you have a favorite game you play?
  • Ask an easy question!
  • Do you have a number one favorite band?
  • Finish the game
  • How about you come to my place?
  • How about more drinks? Chat and hang out?
  • Sure!
  • Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do anything like that.
  • A little…
  • I honestly don’t care, I’ll find out when i find out.

Act 3

Best choices for Lex Walkthrough – Act 3

  • Bluetooth speakers? Might be fun.
  • It sounds pretty fun actually.
  • Ask if anyone else is coming.
  • We bumped into each other.
  • Yeah, no way.
  • There’s gotta be more fun things to do here?
  • Escaping Police
    • Run back to the break room.
    • Ditch the speaker and hope for the best!
    • The stairs!
  • Kiss

Act 4

Best choices for Lex Walkthrough – Act 4:

  • Dare.
  • I love you, Lex.

After these decisions you should have already unlocked Lex’s ending, enjoy it

Amorous Lex Dating Path & Walkthrough – Bio

In case you are interested in knowing a little about the character to understand the reason for each decision during the dates and the Walkthrough:

  • Lex (short for Alexia or Alex) is an androgynous husky.
  • The gender of the husky will depend on who you chose to identify yourself as, in the beginning of the game.
  • Enjoys: fighting games, beer, and alternative music.
  • Afraid of heights.
  • Slightly presumptuous of the club-goers at Amorous.
  • Not into: quick, empty, shallow relationships.
  • Prefers to take things slowly.

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  1. the fact that you can friend zone them while you’re knotted is hilarious. like imagine you just had the ride of your life and then they hit you with “you’re a great friend”

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