Animal Crossing Bamboo Recipes guide

Animal Crossing Bamboo Recipes new horizons

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Animal Crossing Bamboo Recipes in New Horizons guide. All the recipes available to craft at a DIY workbench using gathered Bamboo and furniture

If you want any other DIY Recipe, here is the full list > DIY

Animal Crossing Bamboo Recipes – Tools

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Tools:

  • Bamboo wand = x6 young spring bamboo and also x3 star fragment

Animal Crossing Bamboo Recipes – Housewares

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Housewares:

  • Bamboo basket = x7 Bamboo piece
  • Bamboo bench = x8 Bamboo piece
  • Bamboodoll = x6 young spring Bamboo
  • Bamboo floor lamp = x8 Bamboo piece
  • Bamboo noodle slide = x7 Young spring bamboo and also x3 wood
  • Bamboopartition = x7 Bamboo piece and also x6 stone
  • Bamboo shelf = x15 Bamboo piece
  • Bamboo speaker = x3 Bamboo piece and also x1 iron nugget
  • Bamboostool = x5 Bamboo piece
  • Bamboo stopblock = x3 Bamboo piece
  • Clothesline = x3 bamboo piece, x8 stone and also x3 clump of weeds
  • Green leaf pile = x1 young spring bamboo and also x10 clump of weeds
  • Hearth = x2 bamboo piece, x5 iron nugget, x4 clay and also x5 hardwood

Wall Mounted Bamboo Recipes

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Wall Mounted:

  • Bamboo wall decoration = x1 bamboo piece

Wallpaper, rugs & flooring Bamboo Recipes

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Wallpaper, rugs & flooring:

  • Bamboo flooring = x15 bamboo piece
  • Bamboo wall = x15 bamboo piece
  • Bamboogrove wall = x7 young spring bamboo and also x3 bamboo shoot
  • Dark bamboo rug = x6 bamboo piece
  • Light bamboo rug = x6 young spring bamboo

Equipment Bamboo Recipes

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Equipment:

  • Bamboo hat = x10 clump of weeds
  • Basket pack = x6 young spring bamboo

Fences Bamboo Recipes

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Fences:

  • Bamboo lattice fence x10 = x6 bamboo pieces

Animal Crossing Bamboo Recipes – Other

All the AC Bamboo recipes – Other:

  • Pan Flute = x7 young spring bamboo

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