Anime Champions Simulator From Rookie to 5-Star Champion

Anime Champions Simulator From Rookie to 5-Star Champion

Last Updated on 25 September, 2023

Anime Champions Simulator From Rookie to 5-Star Champion. Unlock the secrets to obtaining a 5-Star Champion in Anime Champions Simulator through stats rerolling.

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Anime Champions Simulator From Rookie to 5-Star Champion

Step 1: Initial Preparations

Before you dive deep, ensure you’re prepared:

  • Pirate Town Mission: Start your journey by heading to Pirate Town. This is the initiation of your quest.
  • Mission from Scientist Simon: You must fix the magic tree. It’s a crucial step as it aligns with the next stages.
  • Quirk Rerolling: This process needs to be done five times. After doing so, you’ll unlock the ability to reroll talents.

Step 2: Understanding Rerolling

Here’s what you need to grasp:

  • Essence of Rerolling: Changing stats is synonymous with rerolling talents. Altering one affects the other.
  • Talent Tokens: These are essential for rerolling. They’re like your currency to change stats. They can be found by encountering spirits and achieving various game milestones.

Step 3: The Rerolling Process

Now, for the actual magic:

  • With Talent Tokens, press the plus sign beside the talent or stat you want to alter. Choose your champion, then click ‘reroll’.
  • Locking Mechanism: Some stats are too good to change. To keep them as they are, use the lock icon next to the stat. Remember, the more stats you lock, the more Talent Tokens you’ll need.

Step 4: Luck and Persistence

Achieving the 5-Star Champion isn’t always straightforward:

  • Reroll Multiple Times: It may take several tries to get your desired stats. Don’t be discouraged. Keep going!

Anime Champions Simulator Final Thoughts

Becoming the proud owner of a 5-Star Champion requires:

  • Starting with a mission in Pirate Town.
  • Rerolling your quirk, not once or twice, but five times.
  • Embracing the essence of rerolling talents to change stats.
  • Gathering Talent Tokens and using them wisely.
  • Locking cherished stats if needed.
  • And of course, a dash of luck and a large serving of persistence.

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