Anime Story Trello Link & Wiki

Anime Story Trello Link & Wiki

Last Updated on 11 February, 2023

Anime Story Trello Link & Wiki – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the Roblox Anime Story Community game

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Anime Story Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Trello Link & Wiki – Anime Story:

Information about game modes, leaderboards, spawn locations, NPCs, missions, mobs, bosses, awakenings, equipment, weapons, events, items, and some general game information are all included on the Trello page. It’s a fantastic technique to gather plenty of information quickly. Due to everything being available and on the same page, it is a little easier than a Wiki.

Anime Story Trello Link & Wiki – Wiki

Currently Trello is the best Wiki that exists for the game. In case you don’t know trello or wikis, it’s basically a guide to game guides, with up-to-date and practically official information, because it’s either made directly by the game team, or it’s supervised

After the initial section, with basic information such as the controls, the codes, or what rebirthing is, come the detailed sections. You will find the Game Modes, Leaderboards, Spawn Points, NPC’s Teachers, Special NPC’s, Quest NPC’s, Mobs, Bosses, Powers, Awakenings, Equipment, Weapons, Events, Items, Ores, Gamepasses, WIP, The Developers. And in each section, by scrolling you can access even the smallest detail.

And you will be able to find everything, from how to get a rune, the spawn time of each ore, the level required for a weapon, or the location and movements of any Boss

The information is extensive, up-to-date and has the quality seal of being official information, built by collaborators, but reviewed directly by the Anime Story Community.

In case it can help you, here are some guides based on information from Trello, although grouped in a list format, to make it easier for you to access the information:

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Trello FAQ


You get to chance to rebirth at LVL 100, reset and teleport to blessed grounds.

After a rebirth you will recive a 20% exp boost (every rebirth stacks) and 20 free stat points in strength, magic, defence, energy and speed.

(Its already put in the stats so you cant remove them)

The max rebirth is 5 and after a rebirth the exp required to lvl up is increased.

  • 1 Rebirth: (multiplier: 1.2) (stats: 20 starting stats)
  • 2 Rebirth: (multiplier: 1.4) (stats: 40 Starting stats)
  • 3 Rebirth: (multiplier: 1.6) (stats: 60 starting stats)
  • 4 Rebirth: (multiplier: 1.8) (stats: 80 starting stats)
  • 5 Rebirth: (multiplier: 2) (stats: 100 starting stats)

How to Get Gems?

  • One time quests.
  • Found around the map
  • Selling rare, cursed, or blessed Items to “Kintoki” (event)
  • talking to npcs like “Brook” “amogus”
    (one time use)
  • completing rewards

Trello is a project management platform that enables users to create and edit informational cards. These have been employed frequently by the Roblox developers as a means of providing users with crucial information about the experience. Trello boards are popular among people who use Roblox since they may be utilized for free and have a range of functions.

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