Antimatter Dimensions Challege 9 Guide

Antimatter Dimensions Challege 9

Last Updated on 23 February, 2023

Antimatter Dimensions Challege 9 Guide – Tips for you to try it on your own, and the complete solution at the end of this guide

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Antimatter Dimensions Challege 9 Guide – Tips

The main principle behind the challenge is that you should avoid having two or more dimensions, a dimension upgrade, or a dimension upgrade and a tickspeed upgrade cost the same because doing so will result in one upgrade going to its next price without providing any benefits. Essentially, you update higher dimensions first, upgrading lower dimensions only when the price of one upgrade will undoubtedly not coincide with that of another. The simplest upgrades to purchase are tickspeed improvements because they always increase by 1 in the exponent: You purchase tickspeeds up until it equals the cost of your cheapest dimension, minus one.

It’s also a good idea to regularly save money in case you unintentionally cause a price increase for dimension 8 or another key buy, for example. If you make some of the other dimensions iterate in price a few times, you can still finish. To succeed in the challenge, you don’t need to execute the upgrades flawlessly. Even though there are multiple tied prices throughout the infinite, you can still win.

Knowing the price increases for each dimension and tickspeed is also useful. The price will increase with each upgrading from 10(x) (for some x) to 10(x+y) (for a particular y). For instance, if increasing your tickspeed costs 108, it will cost 10(8 + y) = 10(8 + 1) = 109. With tickspeeds, y = 1. The first dimension has y = 3, followed by y = 4, y = 5, y = 6, y = 8, y = 10, y = 12, and y = 15.

Video Guide

If the tips are not enough for you and you need to see how challenge 9 is completed, we leave you this video guide from LazeeLlama. In it you will be able to see through a gameplay how to overcome this challenge in approximately 15 minutes

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