Arcane Odyssey Ash Magic Guide – Control Mastery

Arcane Odyssey Ash Magic Guide Control Mastery

Last Updated on 13 March, 2023

Arcane Odyssey Ash Magic Guide – Control Mastery. If you’re looking for a magic type that can provide excellent crowd control, Ash Magic may just be the answer.

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Arcane Odyssey Ash Magic Guide – Control Mastery

Are you looking for a magic type that can provide excellent crowd control? Ash Magic may just be the answer. Despite its below-average damage output, Ash Magic can be paired with Fire and Explosion for optimal performance, making it a force to be reckoned with.

We’ll take a closer look at the notable features of Ash Magic, including its crowd control abilities, its clashing power, and its effectiveness when paired with other magic types.

Notable Features: Crowd Control (Stun/Immobilize)

One of the most significant advantages of Ash Magic is its crowd control capabilities. With its Petrified status effect, Ash Magic can temporarily immobilize a target for 0.7 seconds, making it an excellent option for crowd control in tight spaces.

Ash Magic can trigger the Petrified status effect in two ways. Firstly, it can be activated by dealing a significant amount of damage. Alternatively, hitting a target that is already under Burning or Charred with an Ash Magic projectile can trigger the Petrified status effect.

Clashing Power

When it comes to clashing power, Ash Magic has its strengths and weaknesses.


It has a 1.3x advantage against Light Magic and Snow Magic, making it an excellent option to use against these magic types. Additionally, it has a 1.1x advantage against Wood Magic and Poison Magic.


Ash Magic’s disadvantages outweigh its advantages in terms of clashing power. It has a 0.95x disadvantage against Acid Magic, Ice Magic, and Plasma Magic, making it less effective against these types of magic. Additionally, it has a 0.9x disadvantage against Water Magic and Fire Magic, an 0.85x disadvantage against Earth Magic, Sand Magic, and Glass Magic, and an 0.8x disadvantage against Wind Magic, Crystal Magic, and Explosion Magic.

If you’re up against Metal Magic or Shadow Magic, be aware that Ash Magic has a 0.75x and 0.7x disadvantage, respectively.

Pairing Ash Magic with Other Magic Types

While Ash Magic may not be the strongest magic type on its own. It can be paired well with other types to enhance its effectiveness. For example, pairing Ash Magic with Fire and Explosion can provide excellent crowd control and damage output.

On the other hand, it’s best to avoid pairing Ash Magic with Ice and Water Magic, as these types are not as effective when used together.

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