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Arcane Odyssey Explosion Magic Guide – Mastering the Charred Status Effect

Arcane Odyssey Explosion Magic Guide Mastering the Charred Status Effect

Last Updated on 13 March, 2023

Arcane Odyssey Explosion Magic Guide – Mastering the Charred Status Effect. Learn all about the power of Explosion magic and the Charred status effect in this ultimate guide! With versatile uses and powerful clash advantages, you’ll be able to control the battlefield and come out on top. 

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Arcane Odyssey Explosion Magic Guide – Mastering the Charred Status Effect

If you’re playing Arcane Odyssey and want to dominate your opponents in combat. Then you need to know about the power of Explosion magic. Not only is it versatile and useful in a variety of situations, but it also has a unique status effect called Charred that can give you the upper hand.

Let’s dive into the world of Arcane Odyssey and explore everything there is to know about Explosion magic and the Charred status effect.

Mastering Crowd Control with Charred

If you want to control the battlefield and gain the upper hand in combat, then Crowd Control (CC) is a crucial aspect of your strategy. And one of the most useful status effects for CC is Charred.

When you use Charred, your opponent’s vision will be impaired with a dark overlay on their screen, making it harder for them to see and react to your attacks. This can give you a critical advantage in battle and help you come out on top.

But that’s not all. Charred also has another powerful advantage: it triggers an explosion when it clashes with Poison magic. This can deal massive damage to your opponents and give you an even bigger advantage in battle.

Explosion Magic: The Versatile Tool

Explosion spells are unique in that they will vaporize upon contact with any natural water source, except for Beam spells, which will evaporate instantly upon contact with water. This makes Explosion magic a versatile and useful tool in a variety of combat situations, including underwater battles.

Explosion magic also has great synergy with other types of magic, especially Fire and Ash, which are highly recommended. Other types of magic that work well with Explosion include Acid, Magma, Wind, and Plasma, which are also good options.

Knowing Your Clash Advantages

When using Explosion magic, it’s important to consider your clash advantages against other types of magic. For example, Explosion magic has a 1.4x clash advantage against Glass Magic and a 1.3x clash advantage against Water Magic, Wind Magic, Sand Magic, Crystal Magic, and Snow Magic.

Explosion magic also has a 1.2x clash advantage against Ash Magic, Acid Magic, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Light Magic, and Shadow Magic, making it a formidable opponent against these types of magic.

Neutral Explosion Magic Guide

It’s neutral against Earth Magic, Magma Magic, Wood Magic, and Poison Magic. Meaning it has neither an advantage nor a disadvantage when clashing with these types of magic.

About the disadvantages

Explosion magic has a 0.9x clash disadvantage against Lightning Magic and Plasma Magic, and a 0.8x clash disadvantage against Metal Magic. So, be sure to consider your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses before using Explosion magic in combat.

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