Arcane Odyssey Light Magic Guide – Enhancing Your Blinding Abilities

Arcane Odyssey Light Magic Guide Enhancing Your Blinding Abilities

Last Updated on 13 March, 2023

Arcane Odyssey Light Magic Guide – Enhancing Your Blinding Abilities. Want to enhance your Light Magic? Check out our guide for tips and tricks on blinding your opponents and understanding Light Magic’s clashing power. Find out how it fares against other magical disciplines and how you can synergize it with Crystal Magic to create a formidable combination.

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Arcane Odyssey Light Magic Guide – Enhancing Your Blinding Abilities

Looking to improve your Light Magic game? In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Light Magic, including its strengths, weaknesses, and how it fares against other magical disciplines.

Blinding Your Opponents

One of Light Magic’s most potent abilities is its capacity to blind your opponents. The “Blind” status effect is a formidable affliction that can temporarily deprive your foes of their vision, leaving them vulnerable and disoriented. The severity of this effect can vary depending on the spell or ability used, so it’s crucial to experiment with different combinations to find the best results.

Synergizing with Crystal Magic

While Light Magic may not have the highest damage potential, it’s essential to note that it can synergize exceptionally well with Crystal Magic. Combining these two magical disciplines can enhance the blinding effects of Light Magic, creating a formidable combination that can take down even the most challenging opponents.

Understanding Clashing Power

When it comes to clashing power, Light Magic has both advantages and disadvantages against other magical disciplines. Against Wind Magic, for example, Light Magic has a slight 1.2x clash advantage, which can come in handy in specific scenarios. However, against Ice Magic, Light Magic has a 0.9x clash disadvantage, making it a weaker option when facing off against this element.

Neutralizing Certain Elements

Light Magic is neutral when it comes to Acid, Water, Fire, Shadow, and Glass Magic, meaning it neither has an advantage nor disadvantage in clashes with these elements. However, when facing off against Explosion, Lightning, Wood, Metal, Poison, Crystal, and Plasma Magic, Light Magic has a 0.8x clash disadvantage, making it more challenging to come out on top in these battles.

Least Effective Against Certain Elements

When pitted against Ash, Earth, Magma, Snow, and Sand Magic, Light Magic has a 0.7x clash disadvantage, making it the least effective option against these elements. Keep this in mind when strategizing your battles to ensure you choose the best magical discipline for the job.

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