Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide – Mastery for SOAKED Status Effect

Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide

Last Updated on 13 March, 2023

Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide – Mastery for SOAKED Status Effect. Become a Water Magic pro in Arcane Odyssey with our complete guide! Learn about its unique SOAKED status effect, deadly synergies with Ice, Snow, and Lightning Magic, and strengths and weaknesses in clash battles. Don’t miss out on this essential read!

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Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide – Mastery for SOAKED Status Effect

From its powerful status effect to its strengths and weaknesses in clash battles, this guide will make you a Water Magic pro in no time.

SOAKED: The Status Effect

Let’s start with Water Magic’s unique status effect: SOAKED.

When you drench your opponents with this potent ability, they become vulnerable to all Water-based magic attacks. And that’s not all – the soaked targets also generate water puddles that can be manipulated by other types of magic. For example, if you strike those puddles with Lightning Magic, you’ll get an electrifying combination that deals more damage and extends the duration of the effect. Plus, you’ll hear a satisfying electric noise. Sweet!

Synergies: Ice, Snow, and Lightning Magic

Water Magic also has excellent synergies with Ice and Snow Magic, making them a deadly combination against your enemies.

Freeze your opponents with Ice or Snow Magic, and then hit them with Water Magic’s SOAKED status effect. They’ll be helpless and unable to move, while taking massive damage. Another powerful combination is Water and Lightning Magic. The result? A deadly mix of electric shocks and water blasts that will make your opponents regret crossing your path.

Strengths and Weaknesses in Clash Battles

Now, let’s talk about Water Magic’s strengths and weaknesses when clashing with other types of magic. Here’s a rundown of the matchups:


  • 1.5x clash advantage against Fire Magic and Lightning Magic.
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Magma Magic and Plasma Magic.
  • 1.1x clash advantage against Ash Magic and Sand Magic.


  • No clash advantage or disadvantage against Light Magic, Wind Magic, Shadow Magic, and Poison Magic.


  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Snow Magic.
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Acid Magic.
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Explosion Magic and Glass Magic.
  • 0.6x clash disadvantage against Crystal Magic.
  • 0.5x clash disadvantage against Wood Magic and Ice Magic.
  • 0.25x clash disadvantage against Earth Magic.
  • 0.2x clash disadvantage against Metal Magic.

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