Balatro Strategy To Win Every Run

Balatro Strategy for winning every run

Last Updated on 2 March, 2024

Been playing Balatro for days now but still not winning a single run? With our tried and tested Balatro winning strategy, you are destined to win run after run. Today, we share all the cards you must buy and obtain to win a run along with an easy strategy.

Balatro Strategy

The strategy here is quite simple. You rely on Flush to keep pulling you through every round. If you don’t get a Flush in your first 8 cards, then discard till you do and play that. If your Flush is at a high enough level and can keep up with the required score, then you should be able to meet the score within a hand or two. But this strategy isn’t complete without incorporating a few cards into your run. These are all the cards you should get a hold of to boost your winning chances:

Must Have Jokers

Droll Joker: +10 Mult if the hand contains a Flush.

Space Joker: 1 in 4 chance to upgrade the level of played poker hand.

Four Fingers: All Flushes and Straights can be made with 4 cards. The fifth card is scored if it is part of the flush or straight, or ignored otherwise.

Blackboard: x3 Mult if all cards held in hand are Spades or Clubs.

Card Sharp: x3 Mult if played poker hand has already been played this round.

Smeared Joker: Hearts and Diamonds count as the same suit, Spades and Clubs count as the same suit.

You can accommodate 6 Jokers if you can buy the Voucher card, Antimatter from the shop. But at least obtaining 4 of these cards and adapting your playstyle to get the most out of them should be enough.

Must Have Voucher Cards

Planet Merchant: Planet cards appear 2x more frequently in the shop. You can use this voucher card to spawn more planet cards.

Telescope: Celestial Packs always contain the Planet card for your most played poker hand in this run. Make sure Flush is your most played hand before you use this card.

The earlier you come across these cards in your run, the better the execution of your strategy will be. Getting at least Telescope should serve you well enough.

Must Have Tarot Cards

The Fool: Creates a copy of the last Tarot or Planet card used during this run. Use this after using a planet (Jupiter card).

The High Priestess: Creates 2 random Planet cards, or less if there is insufficient space. Use this tarot card to spawn and use more Jupiter cards.

Death (XIII): With 2 cards selected, it converts the left card into a copy of the right card. You can use this tarot card to increase the number of cards of a preferred suit.

You indeed need a bit of luck to make sure you can get as many of these cards as possible during your run. Remember to always adapt your playstyle and make sure you’re playing the right suit to score the maximum possible points all while making use of all of your Joker and Tarot cards.

Do let us know if this strategy works well for you. Do check out our guides on other games.

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