Battle Brothers Perks Guide

Battle Brothers Perks Guide

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Battle Brothers Perks Guide – All the perks classified by tiers with descriptions and explanations of the boosts, chances and others

Battle Brothers Perks Guide – Tier 1

  • Fast Adaption: With each attack that misses an opponent, you increase your chance to hit by an additional stacking 10%. Upon a hit, the bonus is reset. A dispersed shot or hitting terrain that blocks the target counts as a hit for the purposes of resetting the counter for ranged assaults.
  • Crippling Strikes: reduces the threshold to deal damage, for both melee and ranged attacks, by 33%. Please take note that some foes have exceptionally high health reserves or are impervious to injuries.
  • Colossus: A 25% increase in hitpoints lowers the possibility of suffering crippling injuries while being hit. Keep in mind that the bonus is continually adjusted with the maximum
  • Nine Lives: Once every fight, if you survive a fatal blow with a few Hitpoints left, you’ll gain +15 to your melee defense, +15 to your ranged defense, +15 to your resolve, and +15 to your initiative until your next turn. All damage-over-time status effects (poison, bleed, etc.) have been eliminated. Notice: The hitpoints earned in are a random number between 11 and 15.
  • Bags and Belts: To carry all your favorite items, unlock two additional bag spaces. Except for two-handed weapons, items placed in bags no longer penalize Maximum Fatigue.
  • Pathfinder: Learn how to navigate rocky terrain. Fatigue costs are cut in half, and the cost of mobility on any terrain is decreased by -1 Action Points to a minimum of 2 Action Points per tile. The cost of Action has decreased as height levels have changed, however the cost of has not changed.
  • Adrenaline: enables the Perk 37 Adrenaline skill, which gives you an extra turn before your opponents in the following round for a cost of 1 Action Point and 20 Fatigue.
    The character with the highest Initiative will act first if two characters are both utilizing Perk 37 Adrenaline.
  • Recover: enables the Recover skill, which enables resting a turn to reduce accumulated Fatigue by 50% (9 Action Points).
  • Student: Gain 20% more experience from combat. You get an extra perk point and this perk turns inactive at character level eleven. At the seventh character level when you’re playing the Manhunters origin, your Background Indebted get the perk point refunded.

Battle Brothers Perks Guide – Tier 2

  • Executioner: Targets with any injury effects, such as a broken arm, will take an additional 20% damage.
  • Bullseye: For ranged weapons, the penalty to hit chance while firing at a target without a clear line of sight drops from 75% to 50%. Note that this only occurs when the intended target has cover and influences a first, separate, concealed roll that decides whether the shot strikes the intended target. For further information, see Combat Mechanics and Hit Chance.
  • Dodge: The character’s melee and ranged defense gains a benefit equal to 15% of current initiative.
  • Fortified Mind: Determinedness is raised by 25%. Keep in mind that the bonus is continually adjusted with the maximum
  • Resilient: The duration of any negative status effect having a defined duration (such as Bleeding or Charmed) is decreased to 1 turn. Status effects that lose strength over several turns, like Goblin Poison, are already at their lowest point.
  • Steel Brow: This character no longer suffers critical head wounds, which also reduces the possibility of suffering crippling head wounds. Note: Steel Brow cancels out the extra damage that Brute or Chop deal.
  • Quick Hands: Shields are the only items in battle that may be swapped, and doing so becomes a free action that costs no Action Points once every round. Note that no acts involving shields will cause this perk to extend its effect.
  • Gifted: Gain a levelup right away to give this character more characteristics with maximum rolls but no talents.

Battle Brothers Perks Guide – Tier 3

  • Backstabber: When your target is surrounded and distracted by allies (including your Hounds), the hitchance boost in melee is increased by two to 10%. Keep in mind that encircling begins when two allies are close to an opponent. Refer to Hit Chance and Combat Mechanics for further information.
  • Anticipation: Gain 1 + 10% of your base Ranged Defense as additional Ranged Defense when being attacked with ranged weapons. The boost must at least equal +10 Ranged Defense.
  • Shield Expert: There is a 25% boost to the shield defense bonus. This also holds true for the Shieldwall skill’s added defensive benefit. Received shield damage is decreased by 50% to a minimum of 1. The “Knock Back” skill’s probability to hit increases by 15%.
  • Brawny: Wearing armor and a helmet reduces the Fatigue and Initiative penalty by 30%.
  • Relentless: At all times, only half of your total accumulated Fatigue is deducted from your Initiative. There is no longer a 25% penalty for using the “Wait” command while establishing the turn order for the following round.
  • Rotation: Activates the “Rotation” skill, which enables two characters to swap places while ignoring Zone of Control as long as neither character is stunned, rooted, or otherwise handicapped. Rotation costs 3 Action Points and 25 Fatigue.
  • Rally the Troops: enables the ‘Rally’ skill, which costs 5 Action Points and 25 Fatigue and can rally fleeing comrades while maintaining the morale of all allies nearby. The likelihood of success increases as Resolve of the character employing the skill increases.
  • Taunt: enables the ‘Taunt’ skill, which costs 4 Action Points and 15 Fatigue and causes the selected opponent to attack the taunting character rather than another, perhaps more susceptible one.

Battle Brothers Perks Guide – Tier 4

  • Mace Mastery:
  • Flail Mastery:
  • Hammer Mastery:
  • Axe Mastery:
  • Cleaver Mastery:
  • Sword Mastery:
  • Dagger Mastery:
  • Polearm Mastery:
  • Spear Mastery:
  • Crossbow and Firearms Mastery:
  • Bow Mastery:
  • Throwing Mastery:

Battle Brothers Perks Guide – Tier 5

  • Reach Advantage: Up to five stacks of Reach Advantage can be added with every two-handed melee hit, increasing your Melee Defense by 5 until the character’s next turn. A single strike that hits numerous targets at once can add a number of stacks. You forfeit all stacks when you put your weapon away.
  • Overwhelm: Inflict the ‘Overwhelmed’ status effect, which reduces both Melee Skill and Ranged Skill by 10% for one turn, for each attack, hit or miss, made against an opponent who acts after you in the current round.
  • Lone Wolf: I’m most productive by myself. Gain a 15% benefit to Melee Skill, Ranged Skill, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, and Resolve when no allies are within three tiles of you.
  • Underdog: This character is no longer affected by the defense malus brought on by being surrounded by opponents. If an assailant possesses the Backstabber perk, its effects are neutralized, and the usual defense malus brought on by being encircled is used in its place.
  • Footwork: Activates the “Footwork” skill, which enables you to exit a Zone of Control without provoking free assaults. It costs 3 Action Points and 20 Fatigue.

Tier 6 Perks

  • Berserk: When an adversary is killed once per turn, 4 Action Points are immediately recovered. Characters are only permitted to recover up to their maximum Action Points and a maximum of 4 Action Points each attack.
  • Head Hunter: If you hit a victim in the head, your next assault will also guarantee a head hit. The effect will be reversed if your hit connects, but it won’t be if you miss.
  • Nimble: Focus on light armor because you will profit more from lighter helmets and armor. The cumulative penalty to Maximum Fatigue from body and head armor above 15 lowers hitpoint damage taken by up to 60%, but increases the penalty to Maximum Fatigue exponentially.
  • Battle Forged: Concentrate on wearing heavy armor—the heavier your helmet and armor, the more you will gain! A percentage equal to 5% of the current combined value of both body and head armor is deducted from the amount of armor damage sustained.

Tier 7 Perks

  • Fearsome: Make them disperse and run away! Any attack that causes at least 1 point of damage to hitpoints causes the opponent to be subject to a morale check, but with a penalty equal to 20% of your Resolve – 10, rather than no penalty and only if the damage is at or above 15 points.
  • Duelist: An additional +25% of any damage ignores armor when the offhand is free or is holding a throwable object (such a tossing net). not applicable to two-handed weaponry.
  • Killing Frenzy: For two turns, a kill boosts all damage by 25%. does not stack, however a second kill will cause the clock to be reset. The opponent’s attention is drawn more to the character.
    The benefit will end at the conclusion of the character’s next turn because the timer begins when it activates.
  • Indomitable: opens the door to the “Indomitable” skill, which costs 5 Action Points and 25 Fatigue but provides a 50% damage reduction and a turn-long immunity to being stunned, knocked back, or grabbed. The opponent’s attention is diverted less by the character.

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