Top 7 Brawlers For New Brawl Stars Ranked

best Brawl Stars Ranked brawlers
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Last Updated on 4 March, 2024

Looking for the best Brawlers for the new Brawl Stars Ranked? – In this guide, we’ve gathered the best brawlers that will help you climb leaderboards and obtain overpowered rewards like a pro!

Best Brawlers for Brawl Stars Ranked

As you know, the new Ranked mode brings a wealth of new changes to the new rank system. Three new modifiers, map pool changes, and over 80 balance changes will significantly change the game’s meta. So, without any further ado, let’s dive deeper and discover the best brawlers for Brawl Stars ranked.


The most consistent and powerful brawler in the game, Leon is a go-to choice for every mode in Brawl Stars Ranked except Heist. In the last set of balance changes, he wasn’t nerfed much and got the valuable boost to speed during Hypercharge. When you think of this Brawler, versatility is the key. Skilled Leon will suit every team and every game mode.


Piper is one of the strongest brawlers in the current meta, and she’ll be even better in Ranked mode thanks to the long-range meta, open maps, and Time Detonation modifier. However, it’s worth noting that Piper is a brawler with a high skill cap, so it may not suit beginners.

Larry and Lawrie

Even though Larry and Lawrie were nerfed several times since the release, but the duo still shreds. Larry and Lawrie feel best on maps with a lot of walls, but you can consider using them everywhere. And before you max out the brawler, check our guide with the best Larry and Lawrie build.


While I don’t love Colette much, I’ve maxed out this brawler and enjoyed using it in Ranked Mode. Colette loves facing tanks, so she’s easily the best brawler for the Big Friend modifier & Heist game mode. A couple of shots from this Epic brawler will just wipe 80% of the tanks’ HP. For the other modifiers and game modes, Colette is just a mid-option.


Cordelius was in the top 10 meta brawlers since his release, and the Hypercharge released a week before the new Brawl Stars Ranked Season made Cordelius even more powerful. It ensures a free kill almost every single time you use it. Just like Leon, Cordelius is versatile and shreds in every game mode except Heist.


While the current season’s modifiers and map pool might not be ideal for Spike, this Legendary Brawler remains a highly valuable unit to unlock and max out. Spike is the perfect choice for almost every game mode in the game, but I don’t recommend using it in Timed Detonation and Big Friend modifiers.

8 Bit

Nobody has talked about 8-Bit in the last few months, but it’s one of the brawlers you must max out for the Brawl Stars Ranked mode. Thanks to the large amount of HP, 8-Bit is the best brawler for the Big Friend modifier, in which all the brawlers have HP equal to the highest HP brawler.

Honorable Mentions

Beyond the brawlers mentioned earlier, several other noteworthy units can dominate the current Brawl Stars Ranked season. Here are 10 additional brawlers worth maxing out for your rank push:

  • Mico
  • Charlie
  • Maisie
  • Colt
  • Fang
  • Edgar
  • Crow
  • Belle
  • Tick
  • Pearl

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