Best Google Doodle Pacman Hack (2023)

Best Google Doodle Pacman Hack

Last Updated on 23 January, 2023

Best Google Doodle Pacman Hack – Level Editor, Cheat Codes, 256 Level Cheat – The best ways to cheat in the classic Pacman game, from Google

Best Google Doodle Pacman Hack – Level Editor & Cheat Codes

Although not all cheat codes work anymore, these cheats and the Level Editor created by HyperCarder is still the best hack out there for Google Pacman. We recommend you watch the following video to understand it well, although after the video we leave you the cheats or hacks:

The cheats currently don’t work since Google changed the names again,as of around March 30th, 2011, of the variables in the game. The following cheats are activated by typing into the address bar and pressing enter.

The invulnerability code works, but you can’t go to the next level after using it Invulnerability type the followingg + enter:  javascript: function Y(){};

Get more points type the code in and then eat a point to see the score update. javascript:va = [99999,0];void(0);

Jump to a desired level replace the 255 with desired level -1. javascript: B = 255;Sb(true);void(0);

To play the 256 level paste the following code in address bar and then press enter but first you must replace the “<” with the actual less than symbol which isn’t allowed in the description.

javascript: = “”; B = 256; Da = 80; Ea = 0; for (a = 280; a <= 472; a += 8) for (p = 0; p <= 136; p += 8) { if (ub() < 0.03) { Da = Math.floor(ub() * 25) * 10; Ea = Math.floor(ub() * 2) * 10 } Yb(a, p, 8, 8, true) }void(0);

Safety Glitch

This glitch basically allows you to, after once you die during the level, stay at spawn and not be caught by any of the ghosts, credits to Darth Luke. Of course we leave you the video, since as almost always you have to understand the cheats well

Best Google Doodle Pacman Hack – 256 Level Cheat

We leave you this tutorial, also from HyperCarder, in which you can see cheat 256. We recommend you watch the video, since google can change the names of the game variables and you will have to change the lines of the hack if you want it to continue working

Best Google Doodle Pacman Hack – Alteration Hack

(Website Modification 2) Programming the page to pernamently change the ghost to the edible stage (blue color) until eaten by Pac Man. Although it could be considered more of a glitch or an easter egg than a hack, this video from 5572mark is highly recommended if you’re looking for ways or tricks to improve your Pac-Man games.

We hope that any of these cheats, hacks, glitches, Easter Egg & Cheat Codes was what you were looking for, and that you have managed to improve your Pac-Man games. Or that you have at least learned something about how to hack Google Doodle games

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