Best Pixel Art NFT (2023) – Cryptopunks and Best Alternatives

Best Pixel Art NFT

Last Updated on 13 January, 2023

Best Pixel Art NFT – Cryptopunks NFTs and Best NFTs Alternatives that you will like and that fit any budget

Best Pixel Art NFT – CryptoPunks

There is no Pixel Art ranking in NFTs that can be started by something other than CryptoPunks. The legendary collection of Yuga Labs has broken all sales records, they are the best-selling NFTs of all time. Although currently it is very difficult to get one, and not only because their prices are exorbitant, but because there are very few holders who want to sell

Best Pixel Art NFT – Maiar Punks

After the success of CryptoPunks, new Pixel Art collections appeared like mushrooms, but NFTs like the Maiar Punks have an added value that is not easy to find. First of all it is impossible not to remember LOTR when looking at NFTs, and secondly it goes way beyond jpgs and utilities, there is a whole magical metaverse on the way, with dragons, spells, and much more

Best Pixel Art NFT – Meebits

Another legendary collection from the creators of Crypto Punks, Larva Labs. Something more affordable, since although 3 ETHs are not within everyone’s reach, they cost 20 times less than their older brothers. But most importantly, it seems that there is also a metaverse on the way, and with that touch of Roblox or Minecraft they have it very easy to make it a success

Best PixelArt NFT – EPunks

If you are a fan of CryptoPunks and you love the design, but its high price is out of your reach (of course they are out of ours) you should know that thanks to their success, there are very similar collections in practically all the blockchains, and for very reasonable prices. The one we like the most is EPunks, and we recommend you take a look

¿What PixelArt NFT to Buy?

When choosing an NFT, think that there is almost always speculation, and no one can guarantee that its price will not sink 90%, as has already happened with many well-known collections. So we recommend that you choose the ones that you like the most, but before buying, verify that there is a solid project behind it.

If you are a whale of NFTs, you probably cannot miss a CryptoPunk in your Collection. Although if, as is our case, you have to measure your investments, a Meebit or a Maiar Punk would probably suit you better

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