Best Races in Voxlblade Tier List Guide – Elf Ork Dragon…

Best Races in Voxlblade Tier List Guide

Last Updated on 22 April, 2023

Best Races in Voxlblade Tier List Guide. What you should aim for, and the Tier List – Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier B)

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Best Races in Voxlblade Tier List Guide

In Voxlblade your objective is to improve your sword by evolving it through various upgrades and become the strongest swordsman by teaming up with other players and joining guilds. The game’s challenges and obstacles will test your skills and abilities, so it’s essential to choose the best race for your build.

Here you have the best tier list of the best races in Voxlblade updated. Keep in mind that your choice should primarily depend on the build you want to pursue. Although some races are more powerful than others, almost all races are solid in Voxlblade, and you won’t be at a considerable disadvantage with whichever you pick.

S-Tier Races

  • Elf > Ideal for Magic Builds
  • Half-Ork > Ideal for Melee Builds

A-Tier Races

  • Ork > Great for Melee Builds
  • Dragon-Blooded > Great for Tank Build
  • Dark Elf > Great for Dagger Build
  • High Elf > Can spam Weapon Art abilities
  • Arborian > Regen and Entangle are nice perks

B-Tier Races

  • Human > Decent
  • Kitsune > Could be good with Daggers

Voxlblade Race Passives and Perks

Humans in Voxlblade

Although perceived as a weaker race by others, humans are the most commonly found race in Voxlblade. They make up for their lack of physical strength with their unwavering determination and ambition for wealth and status, which has allowed them to thrive in the face of adversity.

Humans have a passive ability that grants them 15% damage reduction and damage boost when below 50% HP.

Half-Ork in Voxlblade

Famous for their formidable strength and hot-headed temperament, half-orks possess remarkable physical strength, making them valuable allies in battles. Despite their previous reputation, many have learned to control their manners and behave in a more civilized manner.

Half-orks have a passive ability that grants them an additional 0.05+ physical damage type to their weapon.

Elf in Voxlblade

Elves are a rare breed in Voxlblade, constituting only a small fraction of the population. They are regarded as royalty and members of the high class, known for their innate magical abilities and expertise in spellcasting.

Elves have a passive ability that grants them 40% rune cooldown reduction.

Dark Elf in Voxlblade

The origins of Dark Elves in Voxlblade are shrouded in mystery. They possess unique magical abilities due to a curse that courses through their veins, making them valuable members of any team or guild.

Dark Elves have a passive ability that has a small chance to apply a random debuff to the opponent when hitting them.

Dragon-Blooded in Voxlblade

Believed to be direct descendants of an ancient race called the Dracos, the Dragon-Blooded possess incredible physical and magical abilities due to the powerful dragon blood that runs through their veins. Although the potency of the draco blood within them diminishes with each passing generation, they remain a formidable force in Voxlblade.

Dragon-Blooded have a passive ability that grants them +0.5 Warding and Protection and gain heat/cold resistance.

Ork in Voxlblade

Orks in Voxlblade are a reclusive race, comprising only the strongest members of their society. Although they possess physical strength that rivals other races, they are often perceived as impulsive and reckless by others, which has led to their unpopularity among some members of the community.

Orks have a passive ability that grants them additional +0.02 physical damage type to their weapon, +0.2 Tenacity, and for each active buff, you gain 1 Tenacity.

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