Best Starting Classes in For The King 2

Best Starting Classes in For The King 2

Last Updated on 23 November, 2023

Best Starting Classes in For The King 2. Explore top class rankings and strategies for an optimal start in for The King 2 (Ranked from Worst to Best).

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Best Starting Classes in For The King 2

Strategic Class Selection in For The King 2, selecting the right starting class is crucial for a successful journey. Unlike single-player RPGs, this party-based game offers more flexibility in choosing classes. This guide provides an in-depth look at the starting classes, helping players make informed decisions.

Blacksmith – The Ultimate Frontline Defender

  • Key Characteristics: Known for robust health and formidable defensive capabilities.
  • Role: Acts as the party’s main protector and damage absorber.
  • Flexibility: Can adapt to different combat styles, such as evasion or armored defense.
  • Offensive Capabilities: Possesses high-damage weapons and a sturdy shield, making them a frontline powerhouse.

Scholar – The Magic User

  • Key Characteristics: A class wielding magic, specializing in area-of-effect (AoE) damage.
  • Abilities: Capable of consistent damage output and providing significant party utility.
  • Positioning: Should be strategically placed behind frontline allies for maximum effectiveness.
  • Skill Checks: Excel in utilizing skill checks to influence battle outcomes.

Herbalist – The Essential Healer

  • Key Role: Acts as the team’s healer, crucial for maintaining party health.
  • Primary Ability: Possesses party-wide healing, a must-have for any team’s longevity.
  • Importance: Invaluable in early stages where healing resources are scarce.
  • Overall Contribution: Offers adaptability and dependability, ensuring team survival.

Hunter – The Expert Ranged Attacker

  • Key Characteristics: The Hunter boasts high awareness (78) and excels in ranged attacks.
  • Strengths: Unmatched precision in damage-dealing, proficient with bows and diverse tactics.
  • Challenges: Restricted to ranged weaponry, less versatile in facing different types of enemies.
  • Tactical Advantage: Ideal for ambush strategies and single-target damage.
  • Special Abilities: Equipped with abilities like ‘Elite Sneak’ and ‘Ambush.’

Stablehand – The Agile Melee Fighter

  • Key Characteristics: The Stablehand class is known for its agility and evasion skills.
  • Strengths: With a speed of 78 and strength of 74, this class excels in dodging attacks and delivering impactful blows.
  • Special Abilities: Can often perform extra actions thanks to the ‘Hard Work’ ability.
  • Drawbacks: Survival largely based on luck; limited initial weaponry.
  • Strategic Use: Best saved for later in the game when better equipment is available.

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