Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods (2024)

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – The best pregnancy options, lots of animations, romantic relationships, uncensored, and even children of ghosts

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Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – No Mosaic / Censor Mod

The pixelation of certain actions, such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower, is something that every player of The Sims 4 is used to. And this mod changes that precisely, if you install it you will eliminate the censorship of all these daily actions, in which from now on the pixelation will disappear. It’s not that it’s a show, but who likes censorship? Although beware, censorship will also disappear for some things that can be unpleasant to look at

Download the Mod > Here

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – Wicked Whims Mod

With this mod raise the level, it is full of animations, possibly more than you can imagine. Not that it has a huge variety of romantic or relationship-oriented options between Sims, but if it’s action you want, this is the mod you’ve been looking for. You can also customize the appearance, female and male body parts, clothing, and much more, the level of realism is maximum. Although we recommend you take a look at the link page that we are going to provide you, since there are many options and add ons depending on what you want

Download the Mod > Here

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – Pregnancy Mega Mod

It is undoubtedly the most complete mod in terms of pregnancy and offspring options, although we warn you that it can conflict with Wicked Whims. But if you’re looking for a large family and you’re too lazy to go through 6 pregnancies, this mod solves it for you, since you can have six children at once, among many other things. Our advice is to make sure you have a mansion before using this mod, because your family will grow, and very quickly.

Download the Mod > Here

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – Hoe It Up Mod

Update: The Hoe it Up mod has stopped working, hopefully Sacrificial will update it soon

One of the best mods if you want to add a spicy touch without extensively altering the game, since what it does is incorporate jobs and ways to earn income related to sex, but not necessarily explicit. For example, you can practice Lapdance

Download the Mod > Here

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – Ghosts can Have Babys Mod

The title is pretty descriptive. Although we must clarify that ghosts can have relationships and get married, but their babies will not be ghosts, they will be normal and ordinary newborns. A curious mod, at least, in which the range of options is expanded with the ghosts. But the truth is that we hope that they will expand it in future updates, until it reaches its true potential.

Download the Mod > Here

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – Passionate Romance Mod

This mod substantially expands the romantic options of the game. So if you like games in which you have to make merits to conquer your “partner” we recommend it. Since it multiplies romantic interactions and Dating Sim relationships. Of course, you will have to make good choices if you do not want to lose all the possibilities that each of the relationships hides, since there is also the possibility that due to your mistake you will end up being just friends

Download the Mod > Here

Best The Sims 4 Sex Mods – Risky Woohoo Mod

This mod is focused on pregnancy, hings you will find in this mod:

  • Pregnancy buffs for teens
  • Woohoo changed to “Risky Woohoo”
  • Possible infertility
  • Possible pregnancy difficulties
  • All sims will have a different fertility level
  • Increase in chances based on location
  • Variety of flavors for each category
  • Pregnancy test with woohoo/risky woohoo
  • Decrease in chances based on location
  • Age groups have different fertility levels
  • Wishing well, fertility message and fertility is not always a guarantee pregnancy
  • 100% isn’t always a guarantee pregnancy
  • Certain traits will either increase or decrease risky woohoo chances

Download the Mod > Here

SimDa Dating App Mod

“SimDa” Dating App can help you find your true love, have adventurous Blind Dates or hot One Night Stands.

The Main Mod allows non Singles as well as all ages in Blind Dates. If you want Singles only where NPCs are only singles and Blind Dates are same Age only you need to use the Addons

Changed the way Sims can get pregnant or impregnate Sims via One Night Stands & Hook Up Calls. Base Chance is set to 5% but can be increased via Addons or completely disabled

Download the Mod > Here

Pillow Talk after Woohoo Mod

It incorporates slight and subtle differences, so it can be a good option if you are not sure whether to install this type of mods. They are more romantic and realistic animations in bedtime talks (that’s why Pillow Talk). There are only 5 animations that are executed randomly at the end of woohooing, so you won’t have to play too much to fully know all the options that this mod offers

Download the Mod > Here

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Babies for Everyone Mod

This mod grants any Sim, whether male or female, same-sex couples – lesbian or gay couples – or straight, the same chance of having children. Although it does not facilitate the process, so you will have to try as usual until you get it. But you will no longer be limited or unable to have children depending on how or with whom you have decided to have a relationship. Even the elderly can have children

Download the Mod > Here

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