Blade Ball Abilities Tier List Guide – Ranked

Blade Ball Abilities Tier List Guide

Last Updated on 23 November, 2023

Blade Ball Abilities Tier List Guide. Discover the best abilities in Blade Ball ranked for optimal gameplay strategy.

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Blade Ball Abilities Tier List Guide – Ranked

  • Tier 1: Highly Effective
  • Tier 2: Solid
  • Tier 3: Fair
  • Tier 4: Mediocre
  • Tier N/A: Yet to be categorized


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Tier 1 Abilities:

  • Rapture
  • Telekinesis: Halts and redirects the ball’s trajectory. Upgrading enhances ball speed. Maximum two upgrades. Cost: 5K
  • Raging Deflect: Powerful deflection increasing ball’s speed. Two upgrades available. Cost: 4K

Are the crème de la crème, offering players unparalleled advantages.


This is the golden goose of abilities. With Telekinesis, you can auto-deflect balls, simultaneously increasing their speed with just a click. Aim for this power if you’re gunning for the leaderboard.

Tier 2 Abilities:

  • Forcefield
  • Shadow Step

These skills provide significant advantages and can be game-changers in the right hands.


It might seem like a solid choice with its auto-deflection, but its high price tag of 2,000 coins drags it down. It’s also unavailable in the final standoff. However, it can be a good learning tool for new players.

Tier 3 Abilities:

  • Thunder Dash
  • Invisibility

Abilities are decent but might not hold up in advanced play.

Thunder Dash

Ever wanted to move at the speed of lightning? Thunder Dash lets you do just that. This advanced version of the Dash skill allows players to reposition instantly. And with its low cooldown, you can use it repeatedly in critical moments.


As the name suggests, Invisibility renders you unseen, making it impossible for balls to target you. While powerful in mid-game, it loses some utility in end-game standoffs.

Tier 4 Abilities:

  • Platform
  • Super Jump
  • Dash (Tier 4 to 5)

Tier abilities have notable drawbacks that might not justify their cost or utility.


Unfortunately, Platform sits at the bottom of the list. Upon activation, it raises you on a tall platform for a few seconds. But its long cooldown and limited utility make it less attractive for serious play.


Dash is your trusty, basic ability. It doesn’t have the pizzazz of other skills, but it’s reliable for repositioning, especially in the game’s early stages.

Super Jump

If you’re just starting out in Blade Ball, Super Jump is your go-to. For a mere 300 coins, this skill lets players make massive leaps, enabling quick repositioning.

More about Blade Ball

Why Choosing the Right Ability is Crucial

Have you ever been in a high-stakes Blade Ball match, only to find yourself outmaneuvered because of a wrong ability choice? It’s a feeling many players know all too well. Selecting the right skill doesn’t just add a touch of flair to your gameplay; it’s often the difference between victory and defeat.

How Abilities Affect Gameplay

Each ability brings a unique twist to the game. Whether it’s teleporting across the arena with a Thunder Dash or using Telekinesis to auto-deflect balls, each skill can be a game-changer. They mold the pace, strategy, and outcomes of matches, making them an integral part of Blade Ball.

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