Blade Idle Accessories Guide

blade idle accessories guide

Last Updated on 28 April, 2023

Blade Idle Accessories Guide – In this guide you will find everything you need to know about the accessories in Blade Idle: how to get them, use them, level them up…Read on to learn more!

Blade Idle Accessories Guide

What Are Accesories?

By the end of the game, equippable accessories will provide significant damage sources. With some bonus ACU and PEN, they mostly offer ATK, DEF, and HP. Although they are extremely expensive to upgrade, they are perhaps the only thing you can buy with diamonds.

Your accessories will provide you amazing perks as you develop and advance them.

There are three different types of accessories:

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Hairpins

Since the most of the stats you earn from accessories are percentage-based, I advise you to fairly distribute your stats among all of your accessories to maximize the benefit of each stat.

In a manner similar to pets, some accessories increase some stats more than others.

  • Hairpins provide the most HP
  • Earrings provide the most ATK
  • Rings provide the most DEF

How Should I Use My Accessories?

Getting Mythical/God (Yellow/Red) grade accessories as quickly as possible is the main objective here.

Upgrade all of your low-quality Magic accessories to 6-star grade first. The benefits are worth it in the short term, and it shouldn’t take too long.

Enchant stones can be used to transcend accessories. It is possible to upgrade Magic grade accessories a few levels as they don’t require a lot of resources, but this should only be done once or twice; otherwise, it is better to preserve your enchant stones for far better gear in the future.

Be careful while transcending accessories, and never totally transcend any that are not at least Mythical grade. Transcending accessories can get extremely expensive very quickly.

As you acquire accessories of higher grade (Rare, Magic, Legendary), you should upgrade them rather than rolling for Mythical Accessories because Mythical Accessories will significantly increase your damage output.

If you truly believe that upgrading your lower-grade accessories will help you advance through the stages and obtain higher stage rewards through chests, then do so.

You can transcend accessories six times.

Accessory Upgrades

You will require a certain number of the same accessories to upgrade it to the next level. I hope you saved some dice because as you upgrade your accessories, you’ll be able to access settings where you can roll for bonus stats just as in many other game sections.

You should roll Option ATK, Option PEN, or Option ACU.

Accessory Slot Numbers

There are two builds you should choose from once you have a full set of either Mythical or God Accessories.

For a more degrading set that is often used in farming and general content;

Rings: 4/5-7-8 (#4 will produce more ACU, while #5 has higher ATK and PEN at the expense of ACU).

4-5-8 for earrings

4/5, 6-8 hairpins

A more defensive set can be employed for PVP as well as pushing specific stages;

– Rings: 3-7-8

4-5-8 for earrings

2-6-8 hairpins

About Blade Idle

Blade Idle is an ARPG in which we will be introduced to an herb collector who one day came across a magic sword. From this moment the character acquired unique abilities that now allow him to fight against various monsters throughout exciting rounds. Our mission will be to go using the best possible way all attacks and resources to get rid of rivals and progress through each of the corners of this universe.

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