Blood West Safe Keys Locations Chapter 1

Blood West Safe Keys Locations

Last Updated on 13 December, 2023

Blood West Safe Keys Locations – All key and safe locations in order of appearance in the game or proximity, along with other objects that you can get without deviating from your search

Blood West Safe Keys Locations Chapter 1

We tell you how to find the x3 safe keys:

Train Bridge – Safe Key 1

To get the key you have to go to the lower level of the bridge and move north until you find a chest, the key is next to it. Don’t waste your visit to the area and also get the Rusty Buffaloo Rifle. Although we recommend that you be well equipped, the area is full of lost souls

The Pit – Safe Key 2

From the fort, go to the Pit through a small canyon. Go close to the left until you find a cave guarded by a Wendigo. Of course you will have to enter if you want to get the key

North-Western Valley – Safe Key 3

Find a valley with a group of shops and a large wooden building to the northeast of the area (North-Western Valley). From there, leave the valley heading north along the natural ramp. When you do, move forward a little until you find a Wendigo, right next to it you will see some broken boxes, and one of them contains the third key.

Video Guide

In case it helps you, we leave you this Paperpup video guide, where in a few minutes he gets all the keys

Blood West Safe Keys Locations – Safes Chapter 1

Surely, now that you have the keys, you are also interested in knowing where the Safes are:

  • Fort – Safe 1: In a building near the south entrance, the one with Coffin Zombie and a Birdman on its roof
  • Bar – Safe 2: In the town bar, on the upper floor
  • Train – Safe 3: From Shaman’s cave go west until you find an overturned train cart, the safe is next to it


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