Brawlhalla Tier List – Best Legends Updated 2024

Brawlhalla Tier List legends

Last Updated on 3 April, 2024

Brawlhalla Tier List – Best Legends ranked from Tier S (thte best legends) to Tier D (the worst legends) based on the strength of each legend at the Diamond rank

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Tier S – The Best Legends

Tier S are the best of the best legends, really OP

  • Magyar: Tank
  • Koji: Bow and also Sword
  • Jaeyun: Sword and also Greatsword
  • Sentinel: Hammer and also Katar
  • Teros: Hammer and also Axe
  • Mako: Katars and also Greatsword
  • Onyx: Gauntlet and also Cannon
  • Thor: Hammer and also Orb

Brawlhalla Tier List – Tier A

Tier A are still quite strong legends, with a win rate above 50%

  • Scarlet: Hammer and also Lance
  • Bödvar: Hammer and also Sword
  • Barraza: Axe and also Blaster
  • Zariel: Gauntlet and also Bow
  • Azoth: Bow and also Axe
  • Gnash: Hammer and also Spear
  • Kor: Gauntlet and also Hammer
  • Cross: Blaster and also Gauntlet
  • Petra: Gauntlet and also Orb
  • Wu Shang: Gauntlet and also Spear

Brawlhalla Tier List – Tier B

Tier B are average legends, use them if you want

  • Diana: Bow and also Blaster
  • Ember: Bow and also Katar
  • Dusk: Spear and also Orb
  • Fait: Scythe and also Orb
  • Asuri: Katar and also Sword
  • Orion: Lance and also Spear
  • Xull: Cannon and also Axe
  • Ragnir: Katar and also Axe
  • Lord Vraxx: Blaster and also Lance
  • Cassidy: Blaster and also Hammer
  • Val: Gauntlet and also Sword
  • Hattori: Sword and also Spear
  • Rayman: Gauntlet and also Axe
  • Vector: Lance and also Bow
  • Yumiko: Bow and also Hammer

Brawlhalla Tier List – Tier C

Tier C are weak legends, not really recommended

  • Brynn: Axe and also Spear
  • Jiro: Scythe and also Sword
  • Lucien: Katar and also Blaster
  • Queen Nai: Spear and also Katar
  • Thatch: Sword and also Blaster
  • Isaiah: Cannon and also Blaster
  • Caspian: Gauntlet and also Katar
  • Volkov: Axe and also Scythe
  • Nix: Scythe and also Blaster
  • Ulgrim: Axe and also Lance
  • Kaya: Spear and also Bow
  • Mirage: Scythe and also Spear
  • Mordex: Scythe and also Gauntlet
  • Jhala: Axe and also Sword

Tier D – The Worst Legends

Tier D are the worst legends, try to avoid them

  • Ada: Blaster and also Spear
  • Sir Roland: Lance and also Sword
  • Artemis: Lance and also Scythe
  • Lin Fei: Katar and also Cannon
  • Sidra: Cannon and also Sword

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  1. lmfao hattori is either S or A tier, she’s played quite a bit at top lvl, i mostly agree with the rest tho,

  2. This list doesn’t make any sense. Nai is somehow in S tier when she’s probably the worst legend, and all the legends in D tier should be in S or A (apart from jiro and yumiko). It seems like it was only based on winrate..

    • Nai is insanely strong and can be used versatile, Jiro is also insanely strong (broken even). Yumiko has a current higher win rate than most of the S tier legends and Wu Shang is still the all-time best spear and gauntlets.

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