Bubble Gum Simulator Pets Guide – How to Unlock them all

Bubble Gum Simulator Pets unlock

Last Updated on 23 January, 2021

Bubble Gum Simulator Pets Guide – How to Unlock them all. There are some pets not easy to unlock, but we are going to provide you the method for each one of them

There are more than 900 pets and we and not going to list the pets already listed on the eggs or boxes, only not listed pets with exclusive methods to obtain them

You can also check the lates gift codes and their rewards here > codes

Bubble Gum Simulator Pets – Robux

You can also check the secret pets guide

You can only obtain these pets with robux, buying them:

  • Altantis Guardian
  • Beta TV
  • Brick Shark
  • Candy Winged Hydra
  • Christmas Elemental
  • Dark Serpent
  • Demoncore
  • Dowodle
  • Electra Hydra
  • Enraged Phoenix
  • Gummy Shark
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Infernus
  • Lucky Dominus
  • Merry Marshmallow
  • Panda
  • Sea Urchin
  • Toxic Elemental
  • Wind up Fox

Bubble Gum Simulator Pets – Secret

Are extremely rare and are not shown in their corresponding egg or box index, but extremely rare means chances of 1 in 3 million

  • Basilisks: Exotic Eggs
  • Champions: Mythical Egg
  • Crystal Teddy: Pastel Eggs (Is the STRONGEST PET in the game
  • Dark Guardian: 600M Eggs
  • Dark Lord: Blow 2,5 trillion bubbles
  • Dementor: Water Box
  • Dark Radiance: Open 5 million eggs or boxes
  • Dogcat: Jelly Egg
  • Duality: Blossom Egg
  • Easter Basket: Easter Egg
  • Elite Challenger: Water Box
  • Eternal Heart: Valentine Egg
  • Eternal Star: Mushroom Egg
  • Fallen Angel: Sparkly Egg
  • Frost Sentinel: Clover Egg
  • Galactic Paladin: Element Egg
  • Giant Choco Chicken: Bunny Egg
  • Giant Pearl: Coral Egg
  • Godly Gem: Heavenly Egg
  • Giant Robot: 100K Egg
  • Gryphon: Ancient Egg
  • Holy Bell: Tree Egg
  • Immortal One: 600M Egg
  • Immortal Trophy: 700M Egg
  • King Doggy Common Egg
  • King Mush: Mushroom Egg
  • Kraken: 400M Egg
  • Leviathan: Frost Egg
  • Lord Shock: Summer Egg
  • Magic Marshmallow: 700 billion Magma from the Traveling Merchant
  • Overlord Plushie: Stuffed Egg
  • Patriotic Robot: July 4th Egg
  • Phantom: 500 billion crystals from the Traveling Merchant
  • Plasma Wolflord: Core Egg
  • Pot O Gold: St Patrick Event
  • Pyramidium: 50th update egg
  • Radiance: Mutant Egg
  • Radiant One: 800M Egg
  • Rainbow Dogcat: Colorful Egg
  • Rainbow Gryphon: Fancy Egg
  • Robot 2.0: Leprechaun Egg
  • Sea Star: Water Egg
  • Shard: Vine Egg
  • Sinister Lord: Skelly Egg
  • Soul Heart: Valentine Egg
  • Spring Spirit: 750 trillion flowers from theSpring 2020 Event Shop
  • The Overlord: Nightmare egg
  • The OwOlord: Dominus Egg (Candy Land Starter Area)
  • Tophats: Magic Egg
  • Trophy: 300M Egg
  • Ultimate Clover: Leprechaun Egg
  • Ultimate Trophy: 500M Egg
  • Wolflord: Heavenly Egg

Bubble Gum Simulator Pets – Rewards Exclusive

  • Cristmas 2018: Golden Dragon, Golden Buttergfly, Golden Pegasus, Golden Hybrid and also Festivus
  • Candy Land: Candy Dragon, Candy Butterfly, Candy Pegasus, Candy Hybrid, Gummy Winged Hydra and also Gummy Overlord
  • Toy Land: Blocky Dragon, Blocky Butterfly, Blocky Pegasus, Blocky Hybrid, and also Infeno Dualcorn
  • Beach World: Aqua Dragon, Aqua Butterfly, Aqua Pegasus, Aqua Hybrid, and also Classic Trio
  • Atlantis: Atlantis Dragon, Atlantis Butterfly, Atlantis Pegasus, Atlantis Hybrid, and also Atlantis Overlord
  • Rainbow Land: Rainbow Dragon, Rainbow Butterfly, Rainbow Pegasus, Rainbow Hybrid, and also Rainbow Overlord
  • Underworld: Magma Dragon, Magma Butterfly, Magma Pegasus, Magma Hybrid, and also Magma Trio
  • Mystic Forest: Mystic Dragon, Mystic Butterfly, Mystic Pegasus, Mystic Hybrid, and also Spirit Gold
  • Event: Rudolph Shock, Lenny Box, Elephant Plushie, Overseer, and also Spring Dragon

World or Index Reward Pets

You can only obtain every Index Reward Pet from their respective world, by hatching all the non-secret pets and shiny pets in their world

  • Chromatic Cube: Hatch all the pets in Mystic Forest
  • Crazy Cat Stack: Hatch all the pets in Overworld
  • Gummy Pals: Hatch all the pets in Candy Land
  • Holy Crab: Hatch all the pets in Beach World
  • Infernal Master: Hatch all the pets in Underworld
  • King Pufferfish: Hatch all the pets in Atlantis
  • Rainbow Master: Hatch all the pets in Rainbow Land
  • Teddy Bear: Hatch all the pets in Toy Land

Developer Exclusive Pets

  • Isaac’s Creation 2.0: ObscureEntity
  • Sylently’s pet: Sylently
  • Bruh Moment: Sircfenner

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