Bullet Echo Tier List: Best Characters

Bullet Echo Tier List
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Last Updated on 19 April, 2024

Bullet Echo is an online battle royale game that brings classic shooter experience with new, more complex challenges. Unlocking your first heroes in this shooter can be exciting and confusing. With a plethora of characters to choose from, how do you know the best heroes in Bullet Echo?

We’ve created this Bullet Echo tier list and highlighted the top-tier choices for newbies and seasoned players. Still, remember that the tier list significantly depends on the individual play style and trophy range.

Bullet Echo Characters Tier List

Before we dive into the Astra Knights of Veda tier list, scroll below and check out the list grading system to understand what each tier means.

  • S-Tier: the section of top heroes in Bullet Echo; these characters can help you even in very tough situations
  • A-Tier: while not defined as the strongest, tier A contains top-tier heroes. These characters can still be defined as the most robust, making them perfectly suitable for newbies and seasoned players
  • B-Tier: these heroes are fantastic choices for new players! They’re versatile and easy to learn, making them perfect for getting a feel for the game and mastering the basics
  • C-Tier: these are fair heroes but fall behind the current meta competition. Please, try to avoid investing resources into these characters
  • D-Tier: these are the worst heroes that don’t allow players to enjoy the thrill of shooter gameplay

Check out the list below and find all Bullet Echo characters ranked from best to worst:

S Alice, Shenji, Slayer, Ramsay, Leviathan
A Tess, Angel, Lynx, Smog
B Satoshi, Ghost, Hurricane, Mirage, Arnie, Bertha
C Levi, Doc, Freddie, Cyclops, Dragoon, Sparkle
D Stalker, Blot, Raven, Firefly, VI, Bastion

That’s it for this Bullet Echo tier list. Remember, the battlefield is ever-evolving, so most heroes fall and rise with each update. Don’t worry; we’ll keep an eye on the met and update this guide to reflect the latest balance changes.

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