Cafe Enchante Ignis Carbunculus Walkthrough

Cafe Enchante Ignis Carbunculus Walkthrough

Last Updated on 24 July, 2021

Cafe Enchante Ignis Carbunculus Walkthrough – Best choices to complete Ignis Carbunculus’s route and to unlock all his available endings

Cafe Enchante Ignis Carbunculus Walkthrough – Main

  • Prologue: Turn it to ‘OPEN’

Chapter 1

  • Guests, right?
  • A demon?
  • A knight?
  • A fallen angel?
  • A beast?
  • I’ll try…for now.
  • Talk with Canus.
  • Talk with Il.
  • Finally Talk with Ignis.

Chapter 2

  • The goods are cute!
  • Sit next to Ignis
  • a friend…
  • That’s not true…
  • You give me too much credit.

Chapter 3

  • See how Ignis is doing
  • The Demon World Asmodia
  • The Fairy World Medio
  • Then The Heavenly World Caelm
  • The Beast World Bestia
  • The GPM

Chapter 4

  • Don’t follow Vennia
  • Continue talking with the fairies

Chapter 5

  • I’ll do whatever I can.
  • Don’t push yourself.
  • Let’s say thank you.

Chapter 6

  • I trust in everyone.
  • I’m worried about Il.
  • That’s not possible.

Chapter 7

  • Play with Kororo
  • Don’t push yourself.

Chapter 8

  • I wan’t to go see what’s happening.
  • Ask Misyr and Il to help.

Cafe Enchante Ignis Carbunculus Walkthrough – Ignis Route

Chapter 1

  • Sure…?
  • Ping pong?

Chapter 2

  • Any Choice
  • Make up a story

Chapter 3

  • Ignis doesn’t want this
  • Get closer to him

Final Chapter

  • Really kind
  • Dromi outsmarted me.
  • Happy Ending

Other Endings

Bad Ending 1: Go to chapters, select Ignis, Reach his final chapter with low affinity > Really cool > It’s my fault

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