Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – 100% Puzzles Solved

Call of the Sea Puzzle

Last Updated on 7 January, 2021

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – 100% Puzzles Solved: Bridge Puzzle, Tiki Puzzle, Star Puzzle, Lens Puzzle, Organs Puzzle, Constellation, Eye, Fish Head…

You can also use our full walkthrough (Chapters 1 to 6)

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – Chapter 1

There is only one puzzle, but you need to solve it to get the bridge to drop and complete the first chapter of the game, so lets solve the Bridge Puzzle:

First find and interact with the 4 red totems of the opening area so Norah can note each symbol in her journal

Bridge Puzzle

You have to place the items in order: Fish – Sea – Mountains – Birds – Sun. But for those who are speed running and just want the solution:

bridge puzzle

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – Chapter 2

Examine the 3 huts with totems, and draw them in your journal, then go to the 4th totem (behind the one to the left of the chapter entrance). Head up the cliff and find another 2 huts, find a desk with somw papers in the first one, this is how to solve this puzzle:

chapter 2 desk puzzle

Interact with the totem in the middle of the hut, using the repaired image from the desk and also the totem sketches. You need one from each totem, but if you want the solution:

chapter 2 hut totem puzzle

Get into the secret compartment and get the device, the head down in the excavation site and get 3 new eye sketches by interacting with the holes on the walls that make whispers

Head through the side and out the other end to drop the bridge that leads you back up to the hut with the totem puzzle. Head through that hut to the other sides and interact with a machine on the desk. You need to match the 3 images in Norah’s journal, but of course, the solution:

chapter 2 machine puzzle

Place the burnt lens on top of the telescope, then look through it.

Star or Lens Puzzle

Go back to the excavation site and use the new image to select switches on the floor starting from the bright star

chapter 2 bright star puzzle

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – Chapter 3

First turn the power on: inside the ship, up a ladder and get the generator working by pulling the levers in this order: 3, 2, 4, 1

Now reach a room with 3 black rocks, and rotate the 3 knobs

  • right knob: rotate it to 11:30
  • middle knob: rotate it to 11:30, back to 9:00 and back to 11:30 again
  • left knob: rotate it to 11:30

Pull the lever just before exiting the ship

Find the calendar (in a small camp, back of the big ship) and go to the rocks. Once where the hole and the pedestal are, go downstairs (right) and note the rocks with marks (water level)

Go back to the main camp, through the arch to the smaller cave, get inside the tent. If the projector is not on connect the power switches by following the cables on the ground. Once the projector is on flick through the 3rd slide

Organ Puzzle

Go to the bench’s keyboard and press every key from left to right

Back to the valves – puzzle section, look in your journal: using the 3 numbers from the rock puzzle, you’ll get 3 symbols in the keyboard. Now use them in the next page, find them in the first row and see what symbol is below each previous symbol, those are the 3 valves you have to open, close the rest

If you don’t find all the valves, one is in the walkway, before the big hole, 4 in the main area, one downstairs left and the other downstairs right

Complete the valves puzzle and move the valve of the big hole to the solid black symbol, then activate the pedestal

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – Chapter 4

Go to the main section of the level (in front of the big locked door) and note the symbol on the floor, you will need it to decypher what button to press in each stone tablet.

Now activate the 4 stone tablets, just check the symbol on the picture and check where to press in your notes.

Once you activate the 4 stone tablets, go behind the gears and just rotate the wheels until each hole is at the bottom, and pull the lever on the other side.

For the next puzzle you have to light up the 7 puzzles, and it’s hard to explain, so better watch this quick guide:

Now just flick on all the power switches, find them all by following the cables

The next step is to take notes once in the room with 4 murals and rotating circles, make sure your journal looks like this:

chapter 4 puzzle

Turn the dial to 1-4, solution = 1,2,3,3

  • Transformation = God’s Blood = 1
  • Liquid = Transformation = 2
  • Life = Water Animal = 3
  • Eternal = Water Animal = 3

This is 1,2,3,3 go clockwise starting from this image

chapter 4 puzzle 2

Drums Puzzle

And for the last puzzle of the chapter, the drums puzzle, just click:

  • Middle
  • Left – Right
  • Midle – Right – Left
  • Left – Middle – Left
  • Right – Right – Left – Middle
  • Left – Right – Right – Middle – Middle – Middle

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – Chapter 5

Just learn to control the water currents, but at the end of the chapter you will find the hardest one, solution:

  • Up
  • Wait 3 seconds and press Right
  • Another 2,5 seconds and press Down
  • And now 5,5 seconds and press left

Now activate 5 totems in the room, find the order in the bottom section, on the pole, but if you want the solution:

  • White: left of the entrance
  • Orange: Top level
  • Red: just below orange
  • Line marks: right of the entrance
  • Purple swirls: straight ahead of the entrance

Push them all in order and finally push the switch outside the purple swirl hut

Call of the Sea Puzzle Solution – Chapter 6

Insert your hand in the stone circle, then go to the tablet in front of the pyramid (the tablet requires your blood to open)

Constellation Puzzle

Notice the star constellations on the four doors, and as you will soon guess you need to unlock symbols by completing constellations with the symbols you have. But it’s quite long to explain, it’s easier with this video guide, by Maka Productions:

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