Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes (2024)

Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes

Last Updated on 17 February, 2024

Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes – Game by Bytten Studio – All the available redeem codes – Redeem these codes for rewards like Glitter Bootleg Dandylion & Metal Bootleg Traffikrab

Redeem these codes for rewards like Glitter Bootleg Dandylion & Metal Bootleg Traffikrab

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Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes – Full List

These are all the available  Codes:

  • no codes available – Code reward: exclusive gift

We’ll keep this list of valid codes up to date, so keep following us as we’ll add each new code as soon as it’s available.

Cassette Beasts social media channels, the channels from which they announce the codes:

  • Twitter: @ByttenStudio
  • Reddit:
  • YouTube:
  • Discord:
  • Facebook: BeastsGame/
  • Google:
  • Steam:

Although you do not need to follow them if you do not want to, we will keep the list updated

Expired Codes

These codes no longer work:

  • HALLOWEEN – Code reward: exclusive gift
  • SUMMERTIME – Code reward: exclusive gift
  • VALENTINES – Code reward: Glitter Bootleg Dandylion
  • LAUNCHDAY – Code reward: Metal Bootleg Traffikrab

Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes – How to use?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Cassette Beasts on your device
  2. Finding a mailbox is the first step in using a letter box code, and Harbourtown’s Gramophone Cafe has one.
  3. Open-world RPG players should simply interact with a letter box they’ve found, choose “yes” when prompted, and then type the active sentence.
  4. As a result of these acts, a message stating there is a parcel in the box and that package contains the relevant reward will eventually emerge.

Also, If you need to know how to redeem a code, just check the following video, thanks to Youtuber:

It should be noted that because the operation of the two features is so similar, mailbox codes may cause some gamers to think of Pokemon’s Mystery Gifts. Fans shouldn’t be too shocked if Cassette Beasts models its own rewards like the kinds that can be obtained via Mystery Gifts. However, it’s possible that the developer will stick to rewarding Bootleg monsters through the in-game mailboxes and future letter box codes may instead grant stickers and other items.

About Cassette Beasts

In this open-world RPG, gather fantastic monsters to utilize in turn-based combat. Utilize the Fusion System in Cassette Beasts to combine any two monster forms to produce fresh, potent new ones.

Welcome to New Wirral, a secluded island home to odd animals you’ve only ever imagined, horrors you’ve fortunately avoided, and a cast of daring people who shift into different body types using cassette tapes. You’ll need to scour the entire island for a route home and capture monsters on your dependable cassette recordings to learn their skills.

The people of Harbourtown, New Wirral decide to use fire to combat the ongoing menace of monster attacks. A monster can assume its fighting form by being recorded to tape and then played back.

Being near to your friend has advantages because you can combine your strengths to win the battle while changed! Any two monster forms can combine to create a singular, new fusion form that is fully animated.

In human form, some monster skills are usable. These will be necessary to get around, figure out puzzles, and find dungeons. Fly, swim, climb, sprint, or become magnetic to move!

Never engage in combat by yourself! To improve as a team, develop ties with your chosen partner, spend time with them, and assist them in achieving their own objectives. How well you can fuse depends on how strong your relationship is.

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