Cat-Astrophic Codes – Roblox – February 2024

Cat-Astrophic Codes

Last Updated on 15 February, 2024

All the valid Cat-Astrophic Codes in one list, always updated. Enjoy the free rewards (boosts, coins…) of your favourite roblox game

Cat-Astrophic Codes – Full List

Valid Codes – Cat Astrophic

These are the valid codes of the game:

  • Gemhelper: When you redeem this code you get a 30 minutes boost
  • bossupdate: When you redeem this code you get a 30 minutes boost
  • 2xfishy: When you redeem this code you get a 30 minutes x2 fish coins boost as reward
  • coinstarter: When you redeem this code you get a 1,000 coins as reward

We will add new codes and we will keep this list updated. But if you know about any other code please tell us in the comments section (below), so we can keep this codes list always updated.

if you want, yo can follow @Frinigus and @Tigercaptain_ on twitter, they are the developers, and they announce new codes and more stuff related to the game

Cat-Astrophic – Expired Codes

Codes don’t last forever, so try to redeem them before we include them in the following list:

Cat-Astrophic – How to Redeem?

Click on the Codes button (right side of the screen, below the shop button), type the code, and click on redeem. You still can’t redeem the code? Check this video from youtuber SymitPlays:

How to Play Cat Astrophic

You are a cat, and you try to defend yourself by capturing the hill or flags around the map while having fun with a laser pointer and yarn

  • Equip THE CLAW (Cats have claws for a reason)
  • Click, Touch, or Right Trigger to gain scratches
  • Sell it for Fishy Coins (Do not eat)
  • Buy stuff to upgrade
  • Go after other cats and claim your territory
  • Finally, if you have any doubt click on “?” (right)

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Find your game in the list, follow its link and enjoy its valid codes

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