Chained Echoes Rusty Weapons – Ultimate Weapons

Chained Echoes Rusty Weapons

Last Updated on 20 December, 2022

Chained Echoes Rusty Weapons – Ultimate Weapons, Rusty Weapons and Souls of Farnese guide with Locations and tips

How to Get Ultimate Weapons?

You need to find the Rusty version and upgrade it with Soul of Farmese in The Flying Smithy. The Flying Smithy Unlocked after reading the note in the office of Nhysa’s university. So in this guide we are going to explain where to find the x12 Rusty Weapons and all the Souls of Farnese

Chained Echoes Rusty Weapons – Locations

These are the Rusty Weapons and where to find them

  • Sword: Received from Magnolia after the quest The Maelstrom.
  • Spear: In one of the Leonar Temples (see Leonar’s Challenges).
  • Bow: After finishing the quest No Place for Happy Ends.
  • Rapier: In the library of the Manor in the lake of Rohlan Fields. Key to the Manor is on the plateau in the northwest of Rohlan Fields.
  • Rifle: After Jack is done cutting trees in the south of the Fiorwoods.
  • Gunspear: Chest in the northeast of Shambala.
  • Amulet: In one of the Leonar Temples (Leonar’s Challenges).
  • Katana: Buyable from Norgant after Two Winged Angel.
  • Great Sword: Buyable from the secret merchant in Ograne
  • Knuckles: Reward Board
  • Anchor: In the sand of the Resort Island.
  • Cards: Reward from the Adventurer’s Guild after defeating all Exotic Monsters.

Chained Echoes Rusty Weapons – Soul of Farnese

These are the Souls of Farnese and where to find them

  • 1st Soul of Farnese: Rohlan Fields ( through the Baalrut Tunnel)
  • 2nd Soul of Farnese: Narslene Sewers(where the pipes after finding the water handle)
  • 3th Soul of Farnese: Flower Fields of Perpetua (desert in the very south > arrows in the sand> marked X)
  • 4th Soul of Farnese: In Ryrmeier Castle (hidden path you can take when standing on the wall in the west marked by a red carpet)
  • 5th Soul of Farnese: Phioran Village (Requires Diving Bell) – South west of Arkant > dive
  • 6th Soul of Farnese: Complete the quest A Little Vacation.
  • 7th Soul of Farnese: Purchasable from Norgant in Kortara (Requires to complete the quest Two Winged Angel and to buy the Rusty Katana)
  • 8th Soul of Farnese: Once Hermit’s Isle reaches level 4, Bernd will find a cave with a treasure chest.
  • 9th Soul of Farnese: Northwest area of the Arkant Archipelago (Requires to Fly)
  • 10th Soul of Farnese: Southwest of Perpetua.
  • 11th Soul of Farnese: Once Hermit’s Isle reaches level 4,Triony will catch it
  • 12th Soul of Farnese: Reward Board

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