Chained Echoes Trophy Guide – Unlock Platinum

Chained Echoes Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 23 March, 2024

Chained Echoes Trophy Guide – Unlock Platinum. Master Chained Echoes with our complete trophy guide. Explore, battle, and unlock every achievement in this epic RPG adventure.

Chained Echoes Trophy Guide

Chained Echoes offers players a rich and engaging RPG experience with a diverse set of achievements to unlock. From completing the game’s main storyline to mastering character skills and collecting rare items, this guide outlines all trophies players can earn.

Key Features of Chained Echoes Trophy Guide

  • True King: Complete the game.
  • God King: Defeat the ultimate boss.
  • Reward Cartel Boss: Finish the Reward Board.
  • The Beginning: Complete the prologue.
  • Act Racer: Finish act I.
  • Next Steps: Complete act II.
  • Bad Memories: Complete act III.
  • One of Us: Discover all recruits.
  • A Blade Runner: Obtain all ultimate weapons.
  • Reward Dealer: Achieve a Reward Board chain over 120.
  • Walking Killing Machine: Fill out the bestiary.
  • Endangered Species: Vanquish all Unique Monsters.
  • Side Tracker: Conclude all side quests.
  • Walking Library: Collect all lore books.
  • Brutal Battler: Triumph in 200 battles.
  • Preacher Man: Gather 12 Class Emblems.
  • Uncanny Expertise: Acquire all skills for Tomke.
  • Skill Share: Learn skills with all characters.
  • Jack of All Trades: Master all Sky Armor weapons with one Sky Armor.
  • Sky Champion: Recover your Sky Armor.
  • Hitchcock was Right: Disturb 60 birds.
  • Bargain Hunter: Purchase all Deals.
  • Reward Starter: Achieve a Reward Board chain over 5.
  • Reward Addict: Achieve a Reward Board chain over 20.
  • Reward Junkie: Achieve a Reward Board chain over 40.
  • Reward Mixer: Achieve a Reward Board chain over 80.
  • Ahoy ye Heartie: Join the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Infleeencer: Flee 42 times.
  • Death to My Enemies: Secure 50 battle victories.
  • Winning Streak: Earn 100 battle victories.
  • Praying: Locate a Class Emblem.
  • Son of a Preacher Man: Find 6 Class Emblems.
  • Oh Crab!: Discover the Crab Village.
  • The Platypus’ Mind: Unearth the platypus gang’s treasure.
  • Customer is King: Sell 1 piece of junk.
  • Class Master: Master a Class Emblem skill.
  • Master of One: Perfect a Sky Armor weapon.

About Chained Echoes Trophy Guide

Chained Echoes provides an enthralling RPG adventure, filled with a wide array of achievements that cater to various play styles. Players can explore a detailed world, engage in strategic battles, and uncover hidden treasures. With achievements ranging from story progression to comprehensive skill mastery and item collection, this game promises a rich and rewarding experience for RPG enthusiasts.

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