Chained Echoes Unique Monsters

Chained Echoes Unique Monsters

Last Updated on 20 December, 2022

Chained Echoes Unique Monsters – Locations, probabilities, requirements and tips to find and farm these special enemies, which drop rare items

Surely you are looking for this type of enemy, because they drop the rarest objects in the game. Below we will explain where to find them, and also some tips, since in some cases their chances of appearing are variable, and in others there are prerequisites to unlock them

Chained Echoes Unique Monsters – List & Locations

These are all the Unique Monsters and the locations where you can find them:

  • Tak the Yak: Location > Rohlan Fields (north of Farnsport)
  • Leaping the Frog: Location > Rohlan Fields (north of Farnsport) – Tip > can spawn in one of three locations
  • Dwelly of the Valley: Location > Kortara Mountains (land on a small island south of the entrance of Wygrand mines)
  • Gol D. Waterfly: Location > Kortara Mountains (one of the peaks in the north reached by the bridges) – Tip > have 20 or more Waterflies killed before going there
  • Ekskalibur: Location > Fiorwoods (central part) – Tip > run 3 times around the trees directly east of the Gazer
  • Arthros: Location > Fiorwoods (on wooden bridges in the west) – Tip > have Ekskalibur killed and move directly to the wooden bridges area in the west without leaving the forest.
  • Da Capo: Location > Perpetua (south, at the entrance to Ograne) – Tip > 25% spawn chances each time you enter the area
  • Humphry the Hungry: Location > Perpetua (south east) – Tip > examine 3x suspicious sand vortex
  • Otter Nobunaga: Location > Arkant (beach west of the village) – Tip > Run without anyone in your main party wearing armor
  • Hairy Otter: Location > Arkant (beach on the Taryn Base Island) – Tip > Have magical characters in the front party (Lenne, Victor…)
  • Golden Borb: Location > Shambala (area where first landed) – Tip > 25% spawn chances each time you enter the area with 100.000 arc
  • Aurora the Sky Dragon: Location > Shambala (north eastern island) – Tip > 25% spawn chances each time you enter the area
  • Senior Tadeye: Location > Ograne (western area where the Leonar statue is) – Tip > 25% spawn chances each time you enter the area
  • Bog the Real Gob: Location > Ograne (exit from Raminas Tower) – Tip > requires to lift the Goblin curse

If you need additional help, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Video Guide

In case it helps you, we leave you this Rinimt video guide on the Unique Monster Ekskalibur, since it is something peculiar, and it is also a requirement for another unique monster, Arthros. We have not found a video guide with all the locations, but in this one you will finish understanding the mechanics of these special enemies, and following the indications of our list you should be able to kill all the others.

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