Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters

Last Updated on 14 April, 2022

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide – Step by step guide to unlock all 45 characters in the game

White Users

  • Serge: Automatically in your party from the beginning
  • Riddel: Rescue Riddel from the Porre Army – rescue Riddel at the Viper Manor (Another World) > continue on to Hermit’s Hideaway (Another World) > return to the S.S. Invincible
  • Starky: get the Star Fragment at the center of the El Nido Triangle (Home World) > go to Sky Dragon Isle and investigate the paranormal phenomenon > beat MegaStarky
  • Steena: Defeat the Dragon Gods and talk to Steena
  • Pip Forms: While infiltrating Viper Manor (Another World), unlock Pip’s cage in the corner of Luccia’s lab > Later (on board the S.S. Invincible) chase him around

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide – Red Users

  • Kid: Reject Kid’s offer once in Cape Howl > recruit her in your party in Termina (Another World)
  • Zappa: visit his Smithy in Termina (Home World) with Radius in your party
  • Orcha: Defeat Him in Viper Manor (Another World)
  • Macha: At Guldove (Another World), decide not to find the Hydra Humour to save Kid > Talk to Korcha in order to try and use his boat > Once at Termina (Another World) go back to the Flower Shop in oder to see Glenn > return to the boat docks and talk to Macha again
  • Miki: Defeat All Enemies at Marbule (Home World)
  • Draggy: Fossil Valley (Another World) and tell the man guarding the ladder that you’re a group of exorcists. Climb the ladder and head down the vertebrae to your left > steal the egg > head to Fort Dragonia (Home World). Take the elevator down and place the Big Egg in the center incubator
  • Greco: After fighting Lynx at Viper Manor, go to the shrine in Termina (Another World) and follow Greco into his house
  • Doc: Choose not to find the Hydra Humour to help Kid. Doc joins anytime after Kid is healed by talking to him at Guldove (Another World) with Macha or Glenn in your party

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide – Black Users

  • Lynx: Upon completing the Fort Dragonia arc, Lynx will forcibly exchange bodies with Serge
  • Guile: In Termina (Another World), speak to the man polishing Viper’s statue, then talk to Guile at the bar. Choose Ask for his help and let him take you to Viper Manor (Another World)
  • Luccia: After fighting Lynx and ending up in Guldove (Another World) head back to Viper Manor (Another World). Proceed to the upstairs balcony where you will see Luccia> Follow her down to her lab
  • Harle: Harle will automatically join your party as she guides you through the Dimensional Vortex (after Serge switches bodies with Lynx)
  • Janice: Defeat Janice’s monsters for three rounds using Sprigg’s Level 5 Tech Skill Doppelgang on board the S.S. Zelbess (Home World)
  • Mojo: Get the Shark’s Tooth from the fisherman in his basement in Arni Village (Home World) > put Leena or Kid in the party and show the Shark’s Tooth to the fisherman of this world
  • Skelly: dragon skull atop of Fossil Valley (Another World) > Agree
    • Heavy Skull: Fossil Valley (dragon skeleton)
    • Angry Scapula: Shadow Forest (Explorer’s letter under the waterfall)
    • Pelvic Bone: Guldove (trader inside Doc’s Hut)
    • Good Backbone: (cave close to the Hydra)
    • Sturdy Ribs: (person in green near 1st section exit)
    • Mixed Bones: (cave in the first area)
    • Termina (Another World) > talk to Skelly’s grandma (right of General Viper’s statue) > leave the house and enter again
  • Grobyc: Defeat Grobyc while attempting to rescue Riddel in Viper Manor (Another World)

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide – Blue Users

  • Nikki: In Termina (Another World), board the Magical Dreamer’s boat and talk to Nikki’s manager and Miki > Shadow Forest > Go west > Defeat the Cassowaries > Talk to Nikki
  • Marcy: rescue Riddel
  • Korcha: After agreeing to help Kid from being poisoned, ask him to join you after he ferries you back to Termina (Another World)
  • Fargo: rescue Riddel
  • Leena: refuse Kid’s proposal to join your party three times at Cape Howl (Another World) > Next morning
  • Irenes: Talk to The Great Explorer Toma > rest up in the cabin > check the noise > After defeating the Sage of Marbule follow Nikki back to his ship
  • Pierre: back room of Zappa’s Smithy in Termina (Another World) > talk to the little boy running in circles  after talking to the man polishing the Viper’s statue > give it to Pierre and talk to him again
  • Orlha: As Lynx, defeat Orlha in Guldove (Another World) > As soon as Serge regains his body, return to Orlha’s bar and show her the Brooch

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide – Green Users

  • Karsh: After The Dead Sea, go into the back room of Termina’s bar (Another World) > Choose Karsh to rescue Riddel from the Porre Army
  • Razzly: save Kid during the Guldove (Another World) chapter > save her from the Pentapus found in the Hydra Marshes (Home World)
  • Radius: Visit Arni Village (Home World) as Lynx in order to talk to his mother > defeat Radius
  • Glenn: refuse to get the Hydra Humour to help Kid during the Guldove (Another World) > Return to Termina by boat with Macha > listen to Glenn’s conversation (town entrance) > Go back to the boat
  • Sprigg: Serge, in the body of Lynx, wakes up in the Dimensional Vortex > Shake the berry tree in the Dimensional Vortex to lure Sprigg out of her house > Sneak into her house
  • Turnip: obtain Ice Breath or Ice Gun > cool the patch of scorched earth in front of the large tree trunk at Hermit’s Hideout (Another World) > go to Hermit’s Hideaway (Home World) with Poshul in your party and examine the plant
  • NeoFio: Defeat the goblins in Hydra Marshes (Another World) > get the Life Sparkle > Viper Manor (Another World), go up the balcony, and use the Life Sparkle on the NeoFio flower in the pool
  • Van: As Lynx, go to Van’s house past Zappa’s Smithy in Termina (Home World) > Talk to Van > you are serious about finding the Frozen Flame

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Get All Characters Guide – Yellow Users

  • Norris: Viper Manor Ruins (Home World) with Radius in your party > Talk to Norris
  • Viper: rescue Riddel
  • Zoah: After The Dead Sea (Home World), go into the back room of Termina’s bar (Another World). Choose Zoah to rescue Riddel from the Porre Army
  • Poshul: Find the Heckran Bone under the bed in the room above the restaurant in Arni Village (Home World), and present it to Poshul
  • Funguy: underground passage toward Viper Manor > Help the Father Out > Give the Mushroom to the Man
  • Mel: Save Kid by Getting the Hydra Humour > Chase Mel and Retrieve Kid’s Elements > Check Orlha’s Bar > Check the Shaman’s Place > Go to the Residential Tower > Go to Termina and Watch Glenn’s Scene > Go Back to Guldove (Another World)
  • Lean: Leah approaches the party at Gaea’s Navel (Home World)
  • Sneff: Talk to Sneff After Defeating the Sage > Follow Sneff to His Dressing Room

Recruitment Order

  1. Arni Village: Serge + Poshul
  2. Cape Howl: Kid
  3. Arni Village: Mojo
  4. Reject Kid x3: Leena
  5. Fossil Valley: Skelly
  6. Draggy First Stem
  7. Termina (Another) – Viper Manor Infiltration: Guile, Nikki, Pierre
  8. Pip 1st Step
  9. Guldove Another – Save or Not Save Kid
    • Save: Korcha, Razzly & Mel
    • Not Save: Macha, Glenn & Doc
  10. Dimensional Vortex: Harle & Sprigg
  11. Arni Village (Home World): Radius
  12. Termina (Home World): Zappa, Van
  13. Shadow Forest: Funguy
  14. Viper Manor Ruins: Norris
  15. Sky Dragon Isle: Starky
  16. S.S. Zelbess: Janice, Irenes & Sneff
  17. Hermit’s Hideaway (Home World): Turnip
  18. Termina (Another World) – Riddel Rescue: Karsh & Zoah
  19. Viper Manor (Another World) – Riddel Rescue: Orcha & Grobyc
  20. Hermit’s Hideaway (Another World): Riddel, Marcy & Fargo
  21. S.S. Invincible: Viper
  22. Guldove (Another World): 1st step Orlha
  23. Marbule: Miki
  24. Gaea’s Navel: Leah
  25. Guldove: Steena
  26. Fort Dragonia: Draggy
  27. Guldove: Orlha 2nd step

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