Circuit Superstars Trophy Guide

Circuit Superstars Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 8 February, 2022

Circuit Superstars Trophy Guide – All the trophies and how to unlock each one of them, also the Circuit Legend, Platinum Trophy


  • Total Trophies: 34
  • Bronze Trophies: 8
  • Silver Trophies: 22
  • Gold Trophies: 3
  • Platinum Trophies: 1
  • Max Trophy Xp: 1,350

Circuit Superstars Trophy Guide – All Trophies

  • Circuit Legend: You have completed all base Trophies of Circuit Superstars, congratulations!
  • Mysterious Challenger: Win a race in Online Multiplayer
  • Career Driver: Win 10 races in Online Multiplayer
  • Worldwide Superstar: Win 25 races in Online Multiplayer
  • Promising Amateur: Win 10 races in any mode
  • A True Pro: Win 50 races in any mode
  • Circuit Superstar: Win 100 races in any mode
  • First Time Leader: Get Pole Position for 1 Online race
  • Seasoned Leader: Get Pole Position for 10 Online races
  • Leader of the Pack: Get Pole Position for 25 Online races
  • Paving the Way: Get Pole Position for 10 races in any game mode
  • Fast like Lightning: Get Pole Position for 50 races in any game mode
  • Speed Superstar: Get Pole Position for 100 races in any game mode
  • The Journey Begins: Complete your first race in any game mode
  • The Learner’s Path: Finish a Qualifier in any game mode
  • Make Donuts for the Fans: Win a race in any game mode
  • Feel The Thrill: Score a Pole Position in any game mode
  • Look at this Trophy!: Finish on 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any game mode
  • Featherweight Champion: Win the Superlights Trophy Cup on any difficulty
  • Iron Racer: Win the Super Truck Challenge Cup on any difficulty
  • Power and Glory: Win the 80s GP Legends Cup on any difficulty
  • Heavyweight Champion: Win the Euro Truck Meeting Cup on any difficulty
  • Boxer Legend: Win the GT Supercup on any difficulty
  • Mercurial Racer: Win the Rallycross World Series Cup on any difficulty
  • Captain Oversteer: Win the Muscle Car Legends Cup on any difficulty
  • Sideways Legend: Win the 60s GP Revival Cup on any difficulty
  • World Champion: Win the Formula GP World Series Cup on any difficulty
  • Adorable Champion: Win the Piccino Cup on any difficulty
  • Endurance Legend: Win the Prototype World Series Cup on any difficulty
  • Timeless Champion: Win the 50s GT Memorial Trophy on any difficulty
  • From Mexico to Vancouver: Drive a total of 5000 km
  • 2015 KM: Drive a total of 2015 km
  • Go the Distance: Drive a total of 10,000 km
  • Petrolhead: Drive a total of 50,000 km

Circuit Superstars Trophy Guide – Guide & Tips

All the championships are unlocked from the beginning, so you don’t need to unlock anything, here are some tips

  • All championships can be done on the easiest difficulty
  • If you reset a race you reset the entire championship, so do it only when you really think you need to reset the championship
  • If you need to pit, drive into the pit lane and pull into the flashing yellow pit box

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