Clicking Fantasy Codes – Roblox – March 2023

Clicking Fantasy Codes

Last Updated on 2 March, 2023

All the valid Clicking Fantasy Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by Sunset Productions – Tons of codes to redeem, claim a bunch of gems, clicks, and also exclusive pets

Clicking Fantasy Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

Tons of codes to redeem, claim a bunch of gems, clicks, and also exclusive pets

These are all the valid & new codes

  • 3MVISITS – Pet Code
  • UPDATE13 – Gems Code
  • SECRETEGG – Clicks Code
  • XBOXPET – Pet Code
  • XBOX – Clicks Code
  • UPDATE12 – Gems Code
  • IMPOSTERPET – Pet Code
  • UPDATE11 – Gems Code
  • RussoTalks – Pet Code
  • UPDATE8 – Gems Code
  • RELEASE – Gems code
  • Cam – 1K Clicks Code
  • Icey – 1K Clicks Code
  • UPDATE7 – 7K Gems Code
  • 500KVISITS – 5K Clicks Code
  • FREEPET – Astronomical Flare Pet Code
  • UPDATE6 – 6K Gems Code
  • TRADING – 25K Clicks Code
  • 1KLIKES – 1K Clicks Code
  • 5KFAVORITES – 5K Clicks Code
  • 400KVISITS – 4K Clicks Code
  • UPDATE5 – 5K Gems Code
  • TOXIC – 10K Clicks Code
  • UPDATE4 – 4K Gems Code
  • 15KMEMBERS – 15K Clicks Code
  • ROBOT – 5K Gems Code
  • UPDATE3 – 3K Gems Code
  • 10KMEMBERS – 10K Clicks Code
  • EVENT – 5K Clicks Code
  • UPDATE2 – 2.5k Gems Code
  • 7KMEMBERS – 7K Clicks Code
  • CANDYWORLD – 8.5K Clicks Code
  • BOSSWORLD – 7.5K Clicks Code
  • UPDATE1 – 2.5K Gems Code
  • 2KMEMBERS – 2K Clicks Code

We will keep this list updated, come back soon!

Clicking Fantasy social media channels:

  • Twitter: @IceyDevvv
  • Roblox Group:!/about
  • Discord channel: Sunset Productions

Clicking Fantasy Expired Codes

These are the expired codes:

  • FREECLICKS – Expired Code
  • FREELUCK – Expired Code

Clicking Fantasy Codes – How to Redeem?

Click on the bird (right), insert the code and submit it, but if you have any doubt:

Nothing better than check how someone else does it, so check this video guide from Gaming Dan and learn how to redeem codes:

How to play Clicking Fantasy? Roblox Game by Sunset Productions

Welcome to Clicking Fantasy!

Click to gain clicks!
Explore different, majestical worlds!
Purchase pets to progress further in-game!
Open chests for amazing rewards!

Update 11

  • Imposter Event
  • 5X Clicks Event
  • Imposter Egg
  • 7 new pets (1 secret
  • New Rebirth Buttons
  • Lag & Bug Fixes
  • Codes: “UPDATE11” and “IMPOSTER”
  • More Coming Soon

Join the group “Sunset Productions!” for in-game rewards!
An exclusive Sun Pet
Group Chest
A slight in-game boost

And much more

Make sure to use codes: “RELEASE”, “UPDATE8”, “RussoTalks” for exclusive, in-game rewards!

Follow the game to be notified of new updates!

Make sure you follow the developers on Twitter to be notified of new codes, updates, and even more!
Builder – @IceyDevvv
Programmer – @Cam_Guy11

Credits: Interbyte Studios

Brought to you by “Sunset Productions!”

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Clicking Fantasy, by Sunset Productions, Roblox Game Site > Here

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