Clicking Legends Codes – Roblox – Updated 2024

Clicking Legends Codes

Last Updated on 28 March, 2024

All the valid Clicking Legends Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games by Vigor Studios – Redeem special prizes with the codes, like pets, gems, egg speed, luck, clicks, shiny…

Clicking Legends Codes – Full List

Redeem special prizes with the codes, like pets, gems, egg speed, luck, clicks, shiny…

Valid & Active Codes

The Game seems deleted

Redeem special prizes with the codes, like pets, gems, egg speed, luck, clicks, shiny…

  • CHRISTMAS: code prize > (New)
  • RUSSO: code prize >
  • RELEASE: code prize >

As you can see there are tons of valid codes, but there will be more. So come back soon, because every week you can find new codes, and we will list them all here, so you don’t have to look for them

Expired codes

This list is empty so far, but as soon as the valid codes stop working, we will include them here:

  • 5MVisits: code prize >
  • 10KLikes: code prize >
  • DoctorPufferfish: code prize > 3 hours x3 Shiny
  • GoWorkYourCringe9-5IllBeGaming: code prize > 3 hours x2 Egg speed
  • BrahMomentGoopie: code prize > 6 hours x2 Clicks
  • Cringebaby: code prize > 12 hours x2 luck
  • Keklord: code prize > 12 hours x2 Egg speed
  • Sorry: code prize > 6 hours x2 luck
  • Love: code prize > 6 hours x2 Egg speed
  • Release: code prize > 100 gems
  • Finder: code prize > a special pet (Coder Cat)
  • Patriotic: code prize > 1 hour x2 luck
  • July4th: code prize > 1 hour x2 Egg Speed

Clicking Legends Codes – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

1st: Find the codes button on the left, under the diamonds or gems counter

2nd: Enter the code in the new window

3rd: Click on Enter and receive special prizes

If you still need to watch it, take a look at this video from Gaming Dan, where the youtuber shows us how to redeem codes:

How to play Clicking Legends? Roblox Game by Vigor Studios

Welcome to Clicking Legends! Click your way to rebirth and become more powerful than ever. Hatch pets to help you on your adventure to becoming the one and only Clicking Legend!

Like and favorite the game if you enjoy it!

Update 2 Change Log

  • New World: Mushroom World!
  • New Egg: Mushroom Egg!
  • 13 new pets!
  • ??? x 4
  • New Feature: Daily rewards! Log in every 6 hours to get special boosts!
  • Bug Fixes
  • 2 More Rebirth Buttons!
  • 2 New Upgrades! (More Pets Equipped and Auto Rebirth!)
  • 5 new Rank Titles!
  • Leaderboard Players now get recognition (a badge above their head!)
  • Every world now has its own respective atmosphere!

New updates always in the works.

Thank you for playing,
A game by Vigor Studios.

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