Clover Retribution Tier List – The Best Guide

Clover Retribution Tier List

Last Updated on 1 November, 2023

Clover Retribution Tier List. Optimize gameplay with the top-rated Magics in Clover Retribution for Roblox Game.

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Clover Retribution Tier List

Overview about Clover Retribution

  • Clover Retribution Tier List ranking the top Magics in the game.
  • Useful for player progression and understanding gameplay mechanics.
  • Individual preference matters; use as a guideline.

Magic Tier Breakdown

  • Tier 1: OP (the best in game)
  • Tier 2: Best (Very Strong)
  • Tier 3: Good (Strong)
  • Tier 4: Decent
  • Tier 5: Average
  • Tier 6: Very Weak

Tier 1 – World Tree

  • Worlds Root Mastery (Lvl 10): Damaging root summon.
  • Arborial Ascendancy Mastery (Lvl 25): Landmine deployer.
  • Verdant Vortex Mastery (Lvl 45): Whirlwind creator.
  • Forest’s Embrace Mastery (Lvl 60): Root summon from all sides.

Tier 2 – Void

  • Worm Hole (Mastery Lvl 5): Void energy propulsion, 6-second cooldown.
  • Depth Coil (Mastery Lvl 25): Black void creator.
  • Black Hole (Mastery Lvl 65): Black hole summoner.

Tier 3 – Lightning

  • Lightning Strike (Mastery Lvl 5, 8-second cooldown): Lightning cloud summoner.
  • Lightning Circus (Mastery Lvl 25, 16-second cooldown): Lightning sparks generator.
  • Thunder Gods Attire (Mastery Lvl 75, 5-second cooldown): Lightning envelop and M1 combat alterer.

Tier 4 – Slime & Fire


  • Viscous Blob (Mastery Lvl 5): Slime ball launcher.
  • Viscous Strike (Mastery Lvl 12): Slime projectile summoner.
  • Viscous Floor (Mastery Lvl 25): Speed booster & enemy damager.


  • Flameball (Mastery Lvl 5): Fireball launcher.
  • Flame Scattershot (Mastery Lvl 5, 10% cooldown reduction): Fire sphere generator.
  • Flame Thrash (Mastery Lvl 50): Fire blast emitter.
  • Flame Tower (Mastery Lvl 75): Skill details pending.

Tier 5 – Wind

  • Gale White Bow: Wind bow shooter.
  • Crescent Moon Sickle: Wind blade sender.
  • Tornado: Skill details pending.
  • Gale Vortex Veil: Wind shield creator.

Tier 6 – Healing & Melody


  • Melody Blast (Mastery Lvl 5): Magical sound launcher.
  • Melodic Amplifier (Mastery Lvl 12): Blast trigger.
  • Melodic Seascape (Mastery Lvl 25): Sound wave emitter.


  • Self Heal (Mastery Lvl 5, 16-second cooldown): Health restorer.
  • Healing Link (Mastery Lvl 15): Link creator.
  • Healing Field (Mastery Lvl 35): Healing area creator.
  • Death Ward (Mastery Lvl 45, 35% cooldown reduction): Health restoration effect applier.

Tips about Clover Retribution Tier List

  • The Clover Retribution Tier List is a guide, not a strict rulebook.
  • Prioritize personal preference and play style.
  • Games are meant for enjoyment, so pick characters and strategies that delight you.
  • Regular updates to the tier list will occur, adapting to game changes.
  • Final decision rests with the player – enjoy your gaming experience!

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