Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough

Collar X Malice Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 January, 2023

Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough – Unlock the three available endings with our step by step guide and walkthrough with the best choices & save points

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Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough – Best Ending

There are 3 endings (best, bad & normal) unlock them all with one single walkthrough:


  • We can’t let this go
  • Search his room
  • Investigation:
    • Kitchen
    • Refrigerator
    • Trash Can
    • Entrance
    • PC
  • Neither
  • Nobody ever lived here
  • Save 1
  • Run for the door

Chapter 1: Still Waters Run Deep

  • I don’t!

Chapter 2: Every Coin has two sides

  • Let me spoil you more.
  • That’s his decision.

Chapter 3: Life is what you make it

  • You’re right, it’s not enough.
  • I want you to marry me.

Chapter 4: Happiness dependes upon Ourselves

  • Save 2
  • Please come to the wedding.
  • Go see him

Bad Ending

  • Load Save 1
  • Stay put
  • Aiji Yanagi Normal Ending

Normal Ending

  • Load Save 2
  • N-Not yet!
  • Don’t go see him

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