Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (2023)

Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List

Last Updated on 31 January, 2023

Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List – Updated list with the currently valid IDs and a tutorial for you to learn how to change the kill sounds

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Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List – Full List

These are all the Kill Sound Ids available in Combat Warriors:

  • Anime kill song kill sound id 8120788861
  • Back in your cage monkey kill sound id 8835052762
  • Backstabber kill sound id 8630619335
  • Brick break kill sound id 7528566442
  • Chinawave kill sound id 8786891922
  • COD Zombie kill sound id 8361667514
  • Counting Stars (Instrumental) kill sound id 8621344741
  • Disappointed spongbob kill sound id 8904888220
  • Get sadistic kill sound id 7393653993
  • Gimme more kill sound id 9118868269
  • Grim Reaper kill sound id 7807987190
  • HEHEHEHA kill sound id 8156780600
  • Hello bozo kill sound id 7528566442
  • Idk name kill sound id 6823378863
  •  If I can’t have you, no one can kill sound id 9117881412
  • Ima make it look pretty kill sound id 8267984616
  • Jedi  kill sound id 3627436232
  • Jojo kimeo kill sound id 9114156521
  • Leave me alone kill sound id 9057023555
  • Mario death kill sound id 7361042352
  • Masquerade kill sound id 7731257875
  • Mike will make it kill sound id 9013453392
  • Nah ichi ni san kill sound id 8842446965
  • Okay I pull up kill sound id 7477399357
  • Raining tacos kill sound id 142376088
  • Samsung notification kill sound id 6879335951
  • Sick beat kill sound id 8232443738
  • Sorry bout that kill sound id 7405233417
  • Russian song IDK kill sound id 9114710961
  • That brother gone kill sound id 7601135039
  • What a shame kill sound id 8206613250
  • You suck kill sound id 1058417264
  • You thought it was over kill sound id 8700353843

If you know more ids that are not included in the list, leave us a comment and we will add them giving you credits

How to change the Kill sound effect?

These are the steps to change the Kill sound effect, This function may require Robux or be exclusive to some gamepass

  • Go to the main server selection screen
  • Select Settings
  • Click on the Audio Tab
  • Find the Kill Sounds
  • Enter any of the provided kill sound ids

Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List – Video Tutorial

Finally we leave you a video of Fatty in which you can see how to use the Kill Sound ids, and in which the youtuber shows us some additional ids to the ones we had included in the list

About Combat Warriors

Update 1.2.0 is out!
Skill Nerfs, Utility Nerfs, Fast Mode, Improvements, Fixes, and more!

New code @ 1M likes!

A bloody melee/ranged weapon fighting game inspired by Blood Flow and Criminality

2x XP + chance for Daily Spins from kills every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Type “/psCmds” to view all private server commands

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