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Last Updated on 29 November, 2022

Core Keeper –  For Core Keeper players this is a resource guide for the currency, did you know that when wood is turned into planks it can be sold for 1 old currency? Well now you can!

Core Keeper – Money Making Resource

What if I told you that you can make money with a resource you have in abundance? It’s wood. When wood is turned into planks you can sell it for money, so…why don’t you have more wood?

Wooden farm

Okay, so let’s make a wooden farm, you’ll need root seeds (coral seeds), soil (or beach sand), drills, robot arms, a generator, conveyor belts and wire. Plant the root seeds in a straight line two tiles away from a drill, dig around the root so that the only way it can grow is toward the drill, and water them. The drill will put the wood on a conveyor belt that will lead to a robotic arm.

Passive money

Finally, if you want some passive cash when you explore the world or grow other crops, add some table saws to your farm. You only need two per farm.

Currently there is a problem with seeds being placed on a table saw and the wood not being able to go in to be made into planks. You can solve this by making two table saws and having the robot arms place them on one and then the other. If you put a root seed on the first table saw, the robot arms will place the root seeds on top of the stack and the wood will be placed on the empty table saw. It is also less wasteful.

Sale of planks

When you need money just take some planks to a merchant and sell them.

Fast tip root seeds can also be sold for cash.

About Core Keeper

Explore an infinite cavern filled with creatures, relics and resources in a sandbox mining adventure for 1-8 players. Mine resources, build, fight, craft and farm to unravel the mystery of the ancient Core.


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