Crafting Baked Alaska Bait in Adopt Me

Crafting Baked Alaska Bait in Adopt Me

Last Updated on 24 February, 2024

Crafting Baked Alaska Bait in Adopt Me.Learn how to craft Baked Alaska Bait in Adopt Me for exciting rewards!

Crafting Baked Alaska Bait in Adopt Me

Hey fellow Roblox gamers! If you’re a die-hard fan of Adopt Me like me, itching to uncover the secrets of snagging the Baked Alaska Bait in the Return to the Fire Dimension event, you’re about to level up your game. This guide is your ticket to mastering the art of securing this special bait, a must-have for those aiming to add one of the blazing new Fire Pets to their collection. Keep scrolling to dive into the steps to lock in the Baked Alaska Bait and boost your chances of scoring these fiery pets that are lit!

Unleashing the Power of Baked Alaska Bait

Once you’ve bagged the Baked Alaska Bait, it’s time to unleash its epic potential. Slot this bad boy into your Lure and watch the magic unfold. In a quick 10-minute window, you’re guaranteed to lure in one of the four new Fire Pets, setting you up for major gaming wins. This bait’s exclusivity means you’re more likely to score a new pet compared to the basic Burnt Bites Bait.

Scoring the Baked Alaska Bait

All it takes is swapping 80 Robux with the Tims hanging out in the Fire Dimension. Just hit up the Baked Alaska Bait spot next to Tim, seal the deal, and watch your gameplay ignite. This game-changing item is your key to effortlessly attracting and snagging the four new Fire Pets, outshining the old-school Burnt Bites Bait method.

The Scoop on Fire Pet Chances with Baked Alaska Bait

Get ready for some thrilling odds when you use the Baked Alaska Bait, each offering a shot at different Fire Pets. First off, a 30% chance of bringing in the Ultra-Rare Flaming Fox. Additionally, a 30% chance of coaxing out the Ultra-Rare Burning Bunny. Equally important, a 30% chance of landing the Ultra-Rare Wildfire Hawk. Last but not least, a 10% chance of attracting the Legendary Volcanic Rhino.

The Fire Dimension Returns event wraps up on March 7th, 2024. Happy gaming! Let’s game on!

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