Cross Blitz Early Access Launch Deckbuild and Tactical Combat

Cross Blitz Early Access Launch Deckbuild and Tactical Combat

Last Updated on 30 November, 2023

Cross Blitz Early Access Launch Deckbuild and Tactical Combat. Explore Cross Blitz, an RPG adventure with strategic deckbuilding and epic narratives, now on Steam Early Access.

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Cross Blitz Early Access Launch Deckbuild and Tactical Combat

The gaming world is set to be captivated by the latest offering from The Arcade Crew, the creators behind acclaimed titles like The Last Spell and Infernax. In collaboration with Tako Boy Studios, they have now launched Cross Blitz, an enthralling deckbuilder RPG. This innovative game combines turn-based tactical combat with strategic deck construction, promising players over 30 hours of immersive gameplay.

Available now on Steam Early Access for €19.99, Cross Blitz invites gamers to dive into its vibrant world filled with challenging battles and intriguing adventures.

Deck Construction for Epic Battles

Cross Blitz stands out with its fusion of adventure and card-based combat. Players are challenged to construct powerful decks from over 200 unique cards, each contributing to the game’s deeply strategic nature. The game’s beautifully crafted world, Crossdawn Island, is teeming with life, offering players endless exploration opportunities amidst intense face-to-face battles.

Storytelling in “Fables” Mode

At the heart of Cross Blitz are two compelling narratives within the “Fables” mode. Players can choose to embark on a heroic journey with the intrepid pirate Redcroft, battling to restore freedom, or assist the famous pop star Violet in her quest against a mysterious doppelgänger. Each narrative path leads through diverse locations filled with colorful characters, where players can unlock new cards, skills, and relics.

Challenges in “Fang Tales”

For those seeking an endless challenge, “Fang Tales,” the game’s roguelite mode, offers just that. Players can choose from five playable mercenaries and face off against seven distinct bosses, each with their own unique decks and relics. This mode provides an infinitely replayable experience, with new enemies, cards, and trinkets to discover in every randomized playthrough.

Key Features of Cross Blitz

  • Deck-Building Mastery: Build and perfect devastating decks from a selection of over 200 cards.
  • Thrilling Story Mode: Delve into 30+ hours of narrative-driven gameplay in the captivating “Fables” mode.
  • Infinite Replayability: Tackle the roguelite “Fang Tales” with randomized maps and strategic gameplay choices.
  • A Captivating World: Explore the vibrant and diverse Crossdawn Island, filled with secrets and colorful characters.

Updates, Community Engagement & introduction video

As Cross Blitz continues its journey through Early Access, players can look forward to a stream of new content and updates. The developers at Tako Boy Studios are committed to evolving and refining the game before its full launch. Fans can stay updated with the latest Cross Blitz news by following @TheArcadeCrew and @takoboystudios on Twitter.


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