Crosscode Bonus Code – Full List

Crosscode Bonus Code

Last Updated on 22 February, 2022

Crosscode Bonus Code – Full List of codes, how to use them and also the rewards or items you will unlock with them

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Crosscode Bonus Code – How to use bonus codes?

Just enter the codes on the main manu and unlock the in-game bonuses. You can try to find them all, but of course we have made this guide because we have already find them

Crosscode Bonus Code – Full List

Enter these codes without ” “:

  • WoN-Boots“: this bonus code Gives the Sparkly Boots (*) item
  • Best-VA“: this bonus code Toggles “High-Quality” Voice acting
  • Holiday-Man“: this bonus code unlocks the Holiday Man and also the Quest Gifting for Fun!
  • Caramelldansen“: this bonus code Activates an idle animation based on this meme
  • Speedlines“: this bonus code Enables in-game speedlines
  • Regular-Trees”: this bonus code Makes some trees more regular

Items you can unlock with codes

(*) Sparkly Boots: Makes Lea emit star sparkles when she runs, as well as play a shimmering sound when she jumps.

(**) There are two rewards from the Holiday Man and the Quest Gifting for Fun:

  • Holiday Boots: Makes Lea emit snowflake sparkles and holiday bell sound effects when she runs/jumps. (Complete Quest Gifting for Fun!, obtain all 4 elements and the Holiday Man will give this gift to you)
  • Holiday Hat: Gives Lea a Santa Hat in the overworld and main menu. (Complete Quest Gifting for Fun! and the Holiday Man will give this gift to you)

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