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crusader king 3 how to raid

Last Updated on 3 November, 2023

Crusader King 3 How to Raid – One of the best ways to earn money in Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) is through raids! Invading your neighbor’s land and stealing what you see fit will make you a lot of enemies, but also a lot of gold!

 What Are Raids In Crusader King 3?

Raids in CK3 are how a ruler attacks a neighbor’s property without declaring war.

his gave them the chance to get all the loot in the counties they raided, as well as the chance to hold the prisoners to ransom at a later date.

Once you raid a county, you can only raid it again after 5 years, during which time the county will suffer many economic debuffs.

Therefore, you should always destroy invaders that enter your territory, as they can seriously affect your economy.

Players are always notified when attackers enter their lands, all you can do is increase your levies and fight them before they take everything in the county they are besieging.

While not in a war, you can always follow their armies and destroy them to make sure they don’t come back.

Likewise, if you’re planning to attack a powerful country, make sure you can escape before its army gets there, as you can’t leave the besieged country during the raid until the siege is complete.

People you ambush gain a -15 opinion modifier towards you, but this modifier slowly wears off over time.

How to Raid in Crusader King 3

To start a raid, you need to open the “Military” tab in the upper right corner of the screen, then select the “Raid All As Raiders” option at the top of the menu.

You now have to wait for your troops to mobilize like in a normal war. Select the unit and move the mouse over the province you want to attack.

You’ll see how much loot you can get from each province. Depending on what culture or religion you belong to, you can attack just your neighbors or everyone.

Players must pay attention to the red skulls that may appear after sending troops to raid, which will cause huge attrition losses.

If you’re a Viking, it’s better to always attack nearby or coastal provinces.

After selecting your army, you can see how much gold your army can earn from raids. The more troops you have, the more gold you can take home. To get the gold in your treasury, all you have to do is send troops home.

As soon as it enters your domain, you’ll be instantly rewarded with gold, and usually a corresponding amount of renown.

You can also raid anywhere in the world if you are part of Norse culture. You can send your raiders anywhere with just one click to send them overseas.

How to Raid as a Feudal or Clan Ruler in Crusader King 3

This is probably the part most of you have been waiting for. Yes, you can raid as a Feudal Lord or Clan Lord in CK3.

All you have to do is meet one of these three requirements:

  • Following an Unreformed Pagan Faith
  • Having the Practiced Pirates cultural tradition
  • Having the Legacy of Piracy 100 year dynasty modifier

Following an Unreformed Pagan Faith

A good way to do raids in feudal state in CK3 is to follow unreformed pagan beliefs. This way you get the best of both worlds: raids and tons of gold from cities.

You can easily change your faith at any time, allowing you to raid like any ruler in the world.

However, unreformed pagan faiths cannot gain Faith Leaders and Holy Wars. You can use this strategy if you just raid at the start of the game and then want to level up.

Practiced Pirates Cultural Tradition

A fun way to get raids, but one that requires a lot of reputation, is to expand your culture and add a practiced pirate tradition to your culture.

The cultural tradition of piracy is available in the Social Traditions category, selectable if your culture has more than 50% coastal provinces.

The problem with this tradition, however, is that it changes one of the key benefits of raids: gaining prestige.

Unlocking the Trained Pirates cultural tradition allows players to raid, but they lose 1.5 reputation for every 1 gold they gain from raiding.

While this sounds bad, we all know feudal lords deserve a high passive reputation and don’t suffer any horrible side effects from the debuff.

Legacy of Piracy 100-Year Dynasty Modifier

This one is a bit different because it’s not possible for most players. If you “Expand the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles”, you get a special modifier that allows you to plunder for 100 years, even if you are a feudal nation.

This is an option for the Duke and Earl of the Isle of Man if they are legendary and are Vikings.

This is a very interesting decision that instantly converts your government to feudal and also allows you to loot for another 100 years.However, this is obviously only useful for players fighting in the British Isles. If you want to make that choice, make sure you don’t have the title of king beforehand.

Your best bet is to play as Ivaring Dynasty and rush through raids until you reach the Living Legend Fame rank.

How to Raid for Captives in CK3

If you want to make sure you get some prisoners and prisoners from raids in CK3 as well, you’ll need to prepare your objectives carefully.

The best you can do is attack the lord’s capital, as this will make you take their family and courtiers as prisoners.

If you attack a duke, you can always attack his count’s capital as well. So is the king. Raiding the capital of any type of ruler increases the chance of capture.

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