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crypt of the necrodancer

Last Updated on 29 November, 2022

Crypt Of The NecroDancer – For Crypt of the NecroDancer players, this is an in-depth Chaunter guide designed to give you insights and tips about our ghostly fellow and his quirks.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer Overview

Chaunter – The Ghost

Chaunter is a ghostly character added by the Synchrony DLC. They can possess enemies after killing them, but we’ll get to that part later. His initial stats and restrictions are as follows:

  • The Chaunter starts with half a heart, a basic shovel and his flashlight as a weapon.
  • The Chaunter cannot gain more health in any way, and although he can find heart containers, he cannot collect them in his usual form.
  • In its usual form, the Chaunter always floats.
  • The Chaunter cannot find or equip a different shovel.
  • The Chaunter’s Lantern attacks as a dagger that cannot be thrown, and inflicts 1 damage to an adjacent enemy. The bluff’s damage can be boosted by equipment.
  • Although the Chaunter can find and equip all types of weapons, he cannot use them in their usual form and is forced to rely on his lantern.
  • Chaunter’s flashlight also passively provides some light, as much as a basic torch would.
  • Chaunter can find and collect all kinds of torches, armor, helmets, boots, rings, amulets, shields and spells.

Chaunter is a glass cannon. On the one hand, all blood deals are fatal. Mistakes that most other characters consider just annoying can kill them. On the other hand, their consistently low health makes items like the Amulet of Risk, Ring of Armor, or Explosive Helm more valuable.

The mobility of Chaunters is special: they are constantly floating, which allows them to easily ignore almost all types of environmental hazards. But the fact that they can’t upgrade shovels limits their caving skills.

I know you can get all of this in Synchrony’s Steam ad…it doesn’t include details about Chaunter’s main trick: If Chaunter kills enemies with his lantern, Chaunter will have them!

Possession: Chaunter’s main gimmick

  • That’s right, by killing (almost) any enemy with the Lantern, the Chaunter will take its body and use its abilities to move, attack, cast spells, etc.
    Crypt of the NecroDancer Chaunter’s GuideCrypt of the NecroDancer Chaunter’s Guide
    Here are a few things to keep in mind that apply to all possessions:
  • Possessing a monster will grant the Chaunter the monster’s health as his own.
  • Possessed monsters regenerate all of their health and attributes, but they cannot regenerate them into another monster
    (i.e. skeletons will not gain a shield or a ghost horse if they were killed without it).
  • At the moment the monster was possessed, Chaunter is invulnerable to damage.
  • The health of the possessed monster can be increased by the usual means, which makes it safe to use it to receive blood deals.
  • As soon as Chaunter possesses a monster, a 24 tick timer starts. When it reaches 0, Chaunter as the monster will receive 1/2 heart damage
  • After reaching 0, the timer increases again to 12.
      • Killing another monster will increase the timer by 2.
  • Owning a monster does not drop gold or increase the coin multiplier, even when it dies!
  • But killing other monsters does.
  • The possessed monster can be taken to the next floor by stairs or through trap doors.
  • When the monster is killed, the Chaunter returns to its normal form.
    • This can be activated manually at any time by pressing left + right (default).
    • Chaunters do not lose their coin multiplier if they were ejected manually or by the timer.
    • Chaunters are invulnerable at the moment they are ejected.

Each monster has its own stats and peculiarities: health, base damage, movement types, spells, etc. These can be enhanced by items and circumstances. Also, not all monsters fly, and those that don’t can activate traps or get trapped in water or tar. Still, they are immune to embers, ice and ooze.

Types of possessed monsters

Fast monsters

Monsters that normally move every time. When possessed, they can act every beat, but cannot use weapons to fight.
They have to rely on objects and their own normal attack (which often consists of hurting something next to them by colliding with it).

Slow monsters

Monsters that move less frequently. When possessed, they can keep moving each time, but have to skip a certain amount of time (cooldown) after attacking, digging or using objects.
However, they can use any weapon that Chaunter has picked up.

Now that you know what possessions are, it’s time to make a more detailed list of the peculiarities of each monster.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer – Monsters

Green Slime

Attack: Basic | Base Damage: 50 (yup) | Cooldown: None
Mobility: Stationary | Digging: Basic | Attributes: None

Ah, the green slime, the strongest monster Chaunter can own! Even though they have low health, Green Slimes can OHKO almost anything with their base attack!
The Green Slime is the best monster to own… that’s what I’d say if I wasn’t rooted to the spot. Use them to break crates or instakill minibosses that dare to get close.

Blue Slime

Attack: Weapon | Base Damage: 2 | Cooldown: 1 beat
Mobility: Vertical | Digging: Basic | Attributes: None

Blue Slime can move! Although they can only move up or down? Well, better than nothing. Blue Slimes are slow monsters and have to skip a while after acting. They also have more health, but you’re really better off finding a better possession.

Orange Slime

Attack: Basic | Base Damage: 1 | Cooldown: None
Mobility: Normal | Digging: Basic | Attributes: None

Orange Slimes are the most versatile slimes you’ll find here. Although they are weaker than Blue Slimes, they are also faster and can move sideways, woohoo! However, don’t expect to keep them alive for long.

Blue Bat

Attack: Weapon | Base Damage: 1 | Cooldown: 1 beat
Mobility: Normal | Digging: Basic | Attributes: Flying

Bats are the first flying monsters you can own. However, they are not very good: they are slow and weak. In the first few floors, you may not even find a weapon to use on them.
So they are almost always outclassed by their cousins…

Red Bat

Attack: Basic | Base Damage: 2 | Cooldown: None
Mobility: Normal | Digging: Basic | Attributes: Flying

… the superior Red Bats! Unlike the slower Blue Bats, they can act at any time and are stronger! In my opinion, they are the second best Possession you can find in the first Zone.


HP:  ( when grappling) /  ( when grappling)
Attack: Grapple | Base Damage: None | Cooldown: None
Mobility: Normal | Digging: Basic | Other attributes: Grappler

Instead of attacking, the Monkeys will grab the enemies by jumping on them. The enemy will be trapped in place and will attack the Monkey if it tries to move. This continues until the Monkey dies, which will instantly defeat both enemies and free Chaunter (whatever the cause of death).

The best way to take advantage of this is to grab a strong enemy and eject it right after.
This does not drop gold, but can be useful in a pinch.


Attack: Weapon | Base Damage: 1 / 2 / 3 | Cooldown: 1 beat
Mobility: Normal / Unidirectional (headless) | Digging: Basic | Other attributes: None


Attack: Basic | Base Damage: 2 | Cooldown: None
Mobility: Normal | Digging: Basic | Other attributes: Flying

Ghosts are, in my opinion, the best possessions you can find in the first Zone.

They’re fast, strong and much easier to kill than the red bats. Just great!


Attack: Basic | Base Damage: 1 | Cooldown: None
Mobility: Normal | Digging: Basic | Other attributes: Flying

The screeching bastards on the second floors. Spectres are outnumbered by ghosts and red bats. If you own one, it’s probably because they keep bugging you at every turn.


Attack: Weapon | Base Damage: 1 | Cooldown: 1 beat
Mobility: Normal | Digging: None | Other attributes: None

Zombies are weaker white skeletons. They can do everything Skeletons can do, except dig: if a Zombie hits a wall, it will simply turn around! They cannot break doors.

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