Currencies in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide to Drive Tickets and Fighter Coins

Currencies in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide to Drive Tickets and Fighter Coins

Last Updated on 8 June, 2023

Currencies in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide to Drive Tickets and Fighter Coins. Learn how to earn and use drive tickets and fighter coins, unlocking premium features.

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Currencies in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide to Drive Tickets and Fighter Coins

As the Street Fighter universe expands with its 6th instalment, players worldwide are immersing themselves in the thrilling experience of iconic brawls. Street Fighter 6 introduces a dynamic game economy with two distinct currencies:

  1. Drive tickets.
  2. Fighter coins.

Let’s delve into the world of drive tickets – their importance, how to earn them, and their usage in the game.

Understanding Drive Tickets: The Unique Currency in Street Fighter 6

Drive tickets serve as an integral game currency. They have been incorporated as part of the game’s live service feature, adding a unique dimension to the gameplay. Although the concept of in-game purchases often sparks mixed feelings among players, their presence is undeniable.

In the multifaceted economy of Street Fighter 6, you can earn both drive tickets and fighter coins. So, what exactly are drive tickets?

Drive tickets are the passport to a myriad of in-game purchases. They open up avenues to buy custom items and add unique aesthetic elements to your gameplay, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Accruing Drive Tickets: Your Pathway to More Rewards

The acquisition of drive tickets is both organic and exhilarating. Engaging in the World Tour mode or simply immersing yourself in the game is a sure-fire way to amass drive tickets. Competing and conquering challenges and events that pop up in the game also serves as a lucrative source of these tickets.

As a bonus, Street Fighter 6 instantly showers you with a windfall of 500 tickets as you kick-start your journey in the fighting ground mode tutorial.

Fighter Coins: Premium Currency for the Elite Street Fighter 6 Player

Besides drive tickets, the game introduces another currency – fighter coins. These coins take on a premium connotation as they can be exclusively earned by making real money transactions.

  • For instance, a $40 purchase can translate into 2,750 fighter coins.

While there are different permutations and combinations, the formula remains the same – real-world investment leads to in-game wealth. All premium items in the game necessitate the use of fighter coins.

However, if you’re hesitant about making real-world investments, worry not! Drive tickets, with their versatile usage, still ensure that you have access to an array of spectacular cosmetics, thereby enriching your Street Fighter 6 journey.

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