DanChro Reroll Guide & Tier List

DanChro Reroll Guide & Tier List

Last Updated on 4 October, 2023

DanChro Reroll Guide & Tier List  – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, and the Tier List – Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D

The process of rerolling is relatively simple, so we recommend it, since there are certain characters that make a difference.

DanChro Reroll Guide & Tier List – Reroll Steps

These are the steps to reroll:

  1. Launch the game DanChro on your mobile device, Android & iOS, but don’t link the game
  2. Advance until completing the first chapter, Bell Cranel Adventurer
  3. Claim all summons, including in-game mail, and make your summons
  4. Spend everything on summons
  5. If you don’t like what you get: Close the game, Open it again, DON’T START again, tap the gear icon, Erase game data and repeat the previous steps
  6. Link when you are happy with your summons

Resetting your game progress or account in gacha games is known as rerolling, and it’s done to get better beginning characters, resources, or things. Players frequently employ this tactic to gain themselves a head start in the game.

FAQ – What should you aim for?

You will receive good stuff from in-game mail, so try to get 1 or 2 good characters from your summons. You see that it is a relatively quick process, so aim high:

  • Little Rookie: Bell Cranel
  • Gale: Ryu Lion
  • Elgarm: Gareth Landrock
  • Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute
  • Maid of Fertility: Syr Flover

You can also settle for an SSR, especially if it is a Tier S or Tier A, we provide you with the complete Tier List below. We do not include R characters, as they are much inferior to SSR or SSR+

DanChro Reroll Guide & Tier List – Tier List

Try to aim for Tier S, they are very easy to get, and at worst some Tier A, which are also pretty good.

Tier S

Tier S are the best characters of the game, really OP:

  • Little Rookie: Bell Cranel
  • Gale: Ryu Lion
  • Elgarm: Gareth Landrock
  • Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute
  • Maid of Fertility: Syr Flover

Tier A

Tier A are quite good characters, not the best but almost

  • Nine Hell: Riveria Ljos Alf
  • Mirabilis: Cassandra Ilion
  • Absolute Shadow: Yamato Mikoto
  • Thousand Elf: Lefiya Viridis
  • Amazon: Tiona Hiryute
  • Braver: Finn Deimne’s Bond
  • Antianeira: Aisha Belka
  • Vanargand: Bete Loga
  • Dragon Girl: Wiene
  • God of Neutrality: Hermes
  • God of Medicine: Miach

Tier B

Tier B are average characters, choose them if you like them:

  • Prum Assist: Liliruca Arde
  • God of War: Takemikazuchi
  • Follower of the Cherry Blossoms: Hitachi Chigusa
  • Deity of the Sacred Fire: Hestia
  • Laurus Fuga: Daphne Lauros
  • Lady of the Two-Handed Blade: Tiona Hiryute
  • Red-Haired God of Smithing: Hephaistios

Tier C

Tier C are below the average characters, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot:

  • Wolf: Bete Loga
  • Blacksmith of the Flames: Welf Crozzo
  • Unconquerable: Gareth Landrock
  • War Princess: Ais Wallenstein
  • Twin-Bladed Dancer: Tione Hiryute
  • Lady of Many Looks: Syr Flover
  • God of Romance: Hermes
  • Queen of the Night: Ishtar
  • Unreliable Statements: Loki
  • Divine Artisan: Hephaistios
  • Apothecary: Miach
  • Delicate Girl: Hitachi Chigusa
  • God of Guidance: Takemikazuchi
  • Acquaintance of the Gale: Asfi AL Andromeda

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